Monday, November 26, 2012

Project Update #3: The Super-Shakespeare Series by David Miller

Ryan North's Shakespeare project is wildly over-funded - consider a local cartoonist's project!

Project Update #3: A Rose by Any Other Name

by David Miller Like

Greetings, Culture Vultures,
I hope this update finds everyone well and enjoying the holiday spirit. Today's update is a preview of some of the characters that will be performing the immortal words of the Bard. Courtesy of my sketchbook.

 I've included some bios so that you can see how I've put some thought to matching up these characters to their Shakespearean counterparts. I know it's a bit obsessive to cast the appropriate super-person to the appropriated cast member. Especially since none of the super-folks' personality will come through. But I just thought it would be more fun this way.

So feel free to scroll down and meet the visual cast of Much Ado About Nothing:


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