Tuesday, November 06, 2012

PR: Citizen Bill Calendars - GET YOURS!

Friends of Citizen Bill,

You need a calendar, and so do your friends and family. And everyone needs a good laugh.

These calendars, as you may already know, are designed to be useful as well as attractive and amusing. 

You get 14 months (including January 2014) with holidays, lunar and solar phases, and school dates (Montgomery County).

There's plenty of room to write in your own appointments, special days, etc.

Still featuring, as we have for the last 12 years, "Bonus Typos and Errors, All in Politically Correct Black and White!"

$13.50 is a GOOD PRICE, and it includes shipping! Calendars ship in December. 

Follow the link to get more info and to order: http://www.wmlbrown.com/wmlbalert.htm

Thanks, and happy holidays!

Bill Brown

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email: wmlbrown@earthlink.net (William L. Brown)


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