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11/17: Deadpool writer Duggan at 3rd Eye Comics

Saturday 11/17/12
November to Remember Continues!
Meet DEADPOOL Writer GERRY DUGGAN at our DEADPOOL #1 Launch Party


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Hello again, Third Eye Faithful!

This is it, Third Eye Faithful, one of our biggest NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER signings yet! We're bringing the man who's brought us the new DEADPOOL from MARVEL NOW to Maryland.

Gerry Duggan, a fast rising star in the comics industry who wowed us last year with the Image graphic novel INFINITE HORIZON, is flying all the way from California to Third Eye Annapolis this weekend, and we want to show him just how we do things over here on the East Coast at a Third Eye signing. :)

For those of you who may not have read issue #1 yet, the new DEADPOOL is by far, one of the raddest things we've seen, and we are totally stoked about the direction that Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn (who'll be signing here in December) are taking with the character.

We're celebrating our excitement for the new DEADPOOL ongoing with a special launch party this Saturday, where we'll have plenty of DEADPOOL #1 and the DEADPOOL #1 Third Eye variant by Tradd Moore, on sale.

You can bring your DEADPOOL goodies by, and Gerry will sign 'em. Totally free! Haven't gotten DEADPOOL #1 yet? We'll have plenty available to hook you up.

Make sure to line up early, 'cause we've got something uber-cool to give out to the first 25 of you guys in line!

So, Third Eye Faithful, make sure to pop by this Saturday between 11AM and 1PM and meet Gerry!

What's even cooler, is you can get your DEADPOOL signed by Gerry this weekend, then the cover artist Tradd Moore at our LUTHER STRODE signing on 12/1, and then co-writer BRIAN POSEHN, at our 12/22 signing. That's a trifecta!

Read on below for more details on the signing, Gerry's other works, and more!

Get the THIRD EYE COMICS exclusive variant of DEADPOOL #1 this Saturday for only $2.99 & have it signed by writer GERRY DUGGAN!Third Eye Faithful, we're really into the new DEADPOOL monthly series from Marvel, that kicked off as part of their MARVEL NOW line-up. When we first saw shots of this one back a few months ago, we knew that we had to do something special for it. As many of you know, when it comes to books we feel strongly about, we like to really support the heck out of them. And, the new DEADPOOL is definitely one of those kinds of books.
Why're we so jazzed on the series? Well, writing team of Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn paired up with Tony Moore (the original WALKING DEAD artist) are a dream team for Deadpool. I mean, lets face it, Deadpool is awesome. The character just has that kind of unique appeal and cool factor that will win him fans no matter what. But, with the right creative team? Well, then you're talking must-read material.
And, it truly is. Gerry and Brian bring a sense of humor and wit to Deadpool that we haven't seen this great in quite some time, aside from the totally awesome recent DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE mini-series. Balanced out with the mayhem and ultra-violence that makes the character such a blast to read, this is, in our opinion, the ultimate take on DEADPOOL. Plus, TONY MOORE on art? Holy crap -- his stuff is so good!

Anyways, we worked with Marvel and one of our favorite artists, TRADD MOORE (of STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE fame) to put together this special THIRD EYE exclusive cover of DEADPOOL #1. As you can see, DEADPOOL is having a heck of a time fending off hordes of our little blue 3-eyed guys... but you know, totally amped up by Mr. Moore.
We'll have plenty of copies of both the regular cover and the Third Eye variant available at the signing on Saturday for just $2.99.
This series is also THE perfect place to jump on board with DEADPOOL, especially if you've never followed the comics before, and have been waiting for an opportunity. It's a great, accessible entry point to get into one of the raddest characters in the Marvel library.

Want more information on the event? Click here for the full scoop on Facebook.

Be One Of The First 25 In Line & Receive a Very Special FREE Gift!

As we said last week, there's one thing that Third Eye is known for worldwide, and that's the awesomeness of YOU guys, the Third Eye Faithful. Creators are always totally blown away by your enthusiasm, and trust us, Third Eye Faithful: it's what keeps us going here at Third Eye!

So, we've put together something pretty cool to give to the first 25 of you guys who're in line for our signing on Saturday with Gerry. It's a very cool, exclusive item that's going to be limited to this event -- and trust us: it'll be worth waiting for.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday! Show up as early as you like!

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