Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beyond Comics Black Friday Sale!

Beyond Comics Black Friday Sale Items!
Friday, November 23rd to Sunday, November 25th
Not just the chance to get awesome merchandise at the best prices of the year, but the best chance to get cool stuff for your friends or family

50% OFF
Dollar Comics
30% OFF
Trading Cards
20% OFF
TV/Video Game 
Action Figures 
20% OFF
Batman Legacy
Action Figures 
25% OFF
MTG Supplies
30% OFF
25% OFF
Card & Comic
40% OFF
Star Wars X-wing
Miniatures Game
20% OFF
Justice League
New 52 Figures 
(DC Direct)   
50% OFF
Dark Knight
Rises Figures 
30% OFF
Marvel Universe 4" Figures
20% OFF
Marvel Legends Figures 
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Beyond Comics
18749 B North Frederick Rd
Gaithersburg, M D 20879

Beyond Comics
5632 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, MD 21704
50% OFF New Comics
Excludes recent arrivals
30% OFF Trade Paperbacks
Excludes recent arrivals
25% OFF DVDs
Excludes recent arrivals
50% Back Issue Comics
Excludes sets and showcase comics.
$75 Set of 5 Figures
Walking Dead TV Series 2 
 Rick, Shane, & 3 Zombies
(Regularly $87.95)
20% OFF Board Games
Excludes recent arrivals
30% OFF Apparel
Excludes recent arrivals
$8 Each
Green Lantern Movie Figures
50% OFF Variant Comics
Excludes recent arrivals & Zenoscope titles
20% OFF Dr Who Merchandise
Excludes recent arrivals
20% OFF Sports Action Figures
Excludes Bryce Harper
30% OFF All Manga
Excludes recent arrivals
20% OFF Heroclix Single Booster
Excludes Assassins Creed and Hobbit
30% OFF DC Universe Figures
Excludes Superman, Batman, Red Hood & Superboy.
40% OFF DC Direct
Excludes recent arrivals and as otherwise noted
40% OFF Art Books
Excludes recent arrivals and Artists Editions
$4 Each
Amazing Spider-man #666
Beyond Comics Variant

Beyond Comics | Gaithersburg Square | 536 North Frederick Avenue | Gaithersburg | MD | 20878

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