Friday, November 02, 2012

Original art on view in Hello Kitty for President

As previously noted, Hello Kitty is busy setting up her campaign HQs at the LivingSocial's 918 F St space, which is open to the public  from November 1-6. They've sent some images of original art on display there, two of which are by local artists:

Tim Conlon is a graffiti artist from Washington, DC. His graffiti art revolves around pop culture icons and current events. He likes to incorporate vibrant colors as well as characters/themes that draw people's attention. Tim has a strong passion for readable, traditional, bar-style graffiti, which has incorporated into his own personal style.

Tim Conlon
"Get on Board"
Spray paint and acrylic On wood panel

Nicole Bruckman
Nicole is an Ohio native artist, currently living in LA. She received a B.F.A, with a major in illustration from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2000. Nicole's artistic inspiration comes from sources such as children's tales and folklore, National Geographic, nature and animals… Her pieces are usually displayed in vintage frames.

Nicole Bruckman
"Campaign Trail"
mixed media on wood panel

Linas Garsys - "Spirit of Kitty"
Linas Garsys
Linas lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and is a graphic editor for The Washington Times. Lina's inspiration comes from punk movements in music and art, Lithuanian folk art, Victorian patterns, Pop Art and other "punk" inspiration that blends into his unique style. Music tendencies are the underline of most of his artwork.
Linas Garsys
"Spirit of Kitty"
Acrylic on wood panel

Lastly, we have commissioned two pieces with Globe Printing (one pictured above):
Globe Poster Printing was established in 1929 and is one of the nation's largest showcard companies.  They have been telling the story of R&B and all forms of American music and entertainment through bright and iconic posters ever since.   Globe began by printing posters for vaudeville acts, movie theaters, burlesque houses and carnivals, and became known for its work with R&B and soul performers-including James Brown, Ike and Tina Turner and Solomon Burke-and later hip-hop acts. Big, bold, fat type, DayGlo colors and distinctive lettering were hallmarks of the Globe style.
Sanrio/Artist Relationship:
Sanrio has worked with a number of celebrated artists from around the globe, initially developing relationships for Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary (2009) and Sanrio's 50th Anniversary (2010).  Over 100 artists have created pieces over the years, that have been showcased in gallery events and illustrate the inspiring ways Hello Kitty and Sanrio have influenced both the artists' work and personal lives.  The pieces have ranged from edgy to obscure to adorable, using a variety of mediums including canvas, spray paint, watercolor and ink, aerosol and acrylic on wood, mixed media, oil on panel and silkscreen.   Most recently, the works were bound to create the collectible, hard cover book, Hello Kitty, Hello Art! (launched in mid-October).   

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