Saturday, November 29, 2008

That darn Toles, continued

Bush Forfeited Respect
Washington Post November 29 2008

Regarding the Nov. 22 Free for All letter objecting to Tom Toles's Nov. 18 cartoon:

I thought Toles's depiction of the torturer in chief departing the White House was spot on.

I have heard before the argument that the president deserves respect, but may I remind the letter writer that it's the office of the presidency as defined in our Constitution, not the individual, that deserves deference.

When an individual disgraces that office, as George W. Bush has surely done, that individual is no longer worthy of respect. He's lucky he hasn't been subjected to the Dick Cheney-Alberto Gonzales-style justice that has besmirched our nation.

-- Cathy Clary

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