Sunday, November 02, 2008


By John Judy

(NOTE: What better day to read comics, either in celebration or to escape?)

ADVENTURE COMICS SPECIAL: GUARDIAN by James Robinson and Pere Perez. The Great Kirby Character Kill-Off continues! Pretty soon they’ll be down to the Marvel romance and western characters. Still pretty good in all.

AVENGERS: INITIATIVE SPECIAL #1 by Dan Slott and Steve Uy. Two of your favorite characters have it out. Can True Love win out over secret Hydra membership? And Dan Slott’s back at the helm! Recommended.

FINAL CRISIS: RESIST #1 by Greg Rucka, Eric Trautman and Ryan Sook. Darkseid’s in the driver’s seat and it’s up to Checkmate, Snapper Carr and Mister Terrific to pull him over. I know, but it’s Rucka so it’ll actually be good.

FREAKANGELS, VOL. 1 SC by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield. The notorious web-comic in tangible form for the first time, in full color. Featuring twelve special children with one big secret. Gotta look!

IRON MAN: THE END #1 by David Michelinie and Bernard Chang. The latest in Marvel’s continuing series of “Last” stories of iconic characters. I believe this one involves an aging and still bitter Terrence Howard.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #20 by Geoff Johns, Alex Ross and Dale Eaglesham. Alternate Universe JSAs do battle and Gog the big scary guy hangs back being all cryptic and omnipotent. Come on, people! Let’s show Geoff Johns the love so he gets to write the next Superman movie instead of Mark Millar! Did you see “Wanted?” We cannot let that happen again!

POPEYE, VOL. 3: LET’S YOU AND HIM FIGHT HC by E.C. Segar. The third of six volumes from Fantagraphics collecting Segar’s complete run of Popeye strips. This one covers the years 1932-34 and includes a two-week extra large sequence done specially for the Chicago World’s Fair. It has never been reprinted anywhere until now. Also includes the only appearance of Popeye’s arch-rival Bluto by Segar. Highly recommended.

SANDMAN: DREAM HUNTERS #1 of 4 by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell. Yes, it’s a re-telling of an illustrated story released ten years ago, but it’s Neil and P. Craig so we are all compelled to buy it and sleep with it tucked under our pillows next to our guns. Highly recommended.

SECRET SIX #3 by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott. It’s the Six versus everyone they used to drink with. As usual. Also a new member joins the team. Who? Well, that’s the “secret” part, isn’t it? Good stuff.

TOP TEN SEASON TWO #2 of 4 by Zander Cannon and Gene Ha. Among the best news in comics is that this police procedural set in the world of capes and tights holds up fine even without co-creator Alan Moore scripting. Recommended for fans of both genres.

ULTIMATUM #1 of 5 by Jeph Loeb and David Finch. The great powers of the Ultimate Universe band together against… bad weather? Will this mark the debut of Ultimate Al Roker?

WOLVERINE: CHOP SHOP #1 by Mike Benson and Roland Boschi. Some dope thinks he’s gonna harvest Wolverine’s organs. That’s why this is a one-shot.

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