Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ira Schnapp, the genius that most inspired Joel Pollack's interests in comics

Big Planet Comics founder and owner Joel Pollack sent me a note which he said I could reprint here:

Just found on Wikipedia, an article on Ira Schnapp, the genius that most inspired my interests in comics. Ira was a friend of my Aunt Kitty Goldberg, and hosted me to two long visits to DC Comics offices when I was 15.

Ira's career before comics was amazing. His comic work was unsung, but he helped define the look of DC Comics covers from 1938-68. To what should be DC's great shame, Ira was left out of "The 50 That Made DC Great" commemorative publication.

The ultimate Ira Schnapp article.

The Wikipedia article is interesting, but also of note is the kindness shown to a 15-year-old who ended up making comics his career. I've had a few people do the same for me - my Mom and Dad bought comics we read to death; Mike Violante who married my cousin and shared his collection of Silver-Age DC and Marvel with me; Frank Grembowiec the owner of Collectors Comic Shop formerly in the Bergen Mall in Paramus NJ who sold me comics in my teens, Joel who picked that role up, John Lent who asked me out of the blue to be a part of the International Journal of Comic Art... there's a lot of people I could list and you just never know how things will work out.

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