Sunday, November 30, 2008


By John Judy

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #579 by Mark Waid and Marcos Martin. Our hero is trapped underground with the father of his worst enemy. What to do? What to do? Good comics!

ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN #10 by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard. The Secret Origin of Zechariah, the world’s most bi-polar vampire.

BATMAN #682 by Grant Morrison and Lee Garbett. Well, now that Batman is “dead” at the hands of his dad or “Mr. Hurt” or The Devil or whoever, we are to be treated to a retrospective of his life by Alfred the faithful butler on his deathbed. More fun from Grant Morrison’s collection of soggy cocktail napkins, strung together with pictures! WARNING! MAY CONTAIN COHERENT NARRATIVE! (kidding!)

THE BOYS #25 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Wee Hughie a.k.a. “Bagpipe” meets the G-Men and their founder. Meanwhile his team-mates are up to their own shenanigans. Ennis-style action and debauchery! Not for kids. Recommended otherwise.

CRIMINAL 2 #7 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. This latest arc comes to a conclusion as Jacob the beat-up forger/cartoonist must figure out how to double-cross his double-crossers. Highly Recommended!

ESSENTIAL DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR HC written and drawn by Alison Bechdel. The best strips from the past eleven volumes of DTWOF, plus sixty new ones not previously collected. Twenty-five years worth of funny, opinionated, challenging stuff. Recommended, especially for Mormons.

HAUNTED TANK #1 of 5 by Frank Marraffino and Henry Flint. The classic DC war comic about the ghost of a Confederate General who makes himself available to aid his tank-driving descendents gets a great twist here. The General’s latest descendent is a black man serving in Iraq. I already love this comic. Recommended!

HELLBOY: THE WILD HUNT #1 of 8 by Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo. HB’s fightin’ giants! But of course nothing’s ever that simple in his world. The follow-up to last year’s DARKNESS CALLS.

IMMORTAL IRON FIST #20 by Duane Swierczynski and Travel Foreman. Danny Rand faces down his latest and most deadly nemesis, the weird demon critter who’s been killing Iron Fists for centuries. I’m betting on the guy with his name on the comic.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #21 by Geoff Johns, Alex Ross and Dale Eaglesham. Anytime a God says “Worship me!” you know you’re in trouble. Next thing you know you’ve got guys in bad suits and worse haircuts asking for money. Good thing the JSA is here to put a stop to all that. The penultimate chapter of “One World, Under Gog.”

MARVELS: EYE OF THE CAMERA #1 of 6 by Kurt Busiek and Jay Anacieto. A sequel to the ground-breaking 1994 series MARVELS, in which we learn again what it’s like to be an everyman in a world of supermen. Nobody writes such stories better than Kurt Busiek. Recommended.

NEW AVENGERS #47 by Brian Michael Bendis and Billy Tan. An issue focusing on the consequences of the Skrull invasion, specifically as they affect Luke Cage. Look for green people getting punched in the brain.

PUNISHER MAX: X-MAS SPECIAL #1 by Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi. A little something for all of us who were beginning to doubt Santa Claus: A Punisher story by Jason frickin’ Aaron! The author of SCALPED! You probably want to draw the blinds and turn off your phones for this one. Not for kids. Highly recommended!

SANDMAN: DREAM HUNTERS #2 of 4 by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell. A beautiful adaptation of an earlier Sandman novella. Highly recommended.

SECRET INVASION #8 of 8 by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu. The final chapter. Radical stuff occurs. “He loves you!”

SHE-HULK: COSMIC COLLISION #1 by Peter David and Mahmud S Asrar. For all you Shulk Completists out there! It’s okay! Come out into the light! Featuring powerful chicks in tight clothes!

SOLOMON KANE #3 of 5 by Scott Allie and Mario Guevara. Intrigues abound as Robert E. Howard’s puritan Punisher is drawn deeper into a mystery that can only be resolved with steel and powder. Very solid stuff. Recommended.

WOLVERINE: MANIFEST DESTINY #2 of 4 by Jason Aaron and Stephen Segovia. Wolvie gets his butt kicked all over Chinatown by a girl. It’s swell. Jason Aaron strikes again!

X-MEN: NOIR #1 of 4 by Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero. What if the X-Men had been created and written by pulp crime novelists back in 1930-something? Imagine Mickey Spillane writing Wolverine! Highly recommended and hopefully the gateway through which X-maniacs will find their way to SCALPED and CRIMINAL. Recommended.

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