Sunday, November 09, 2008

Art Spiegelman at Politics and Prose

Spiegelman gave his usual entertaining performance at a booksigning for Breakdowns last week. The crowd was standing room only, but I was near the front due to Rick B's vigilant saving of a seat. After noting that he didn't have to worry about the government trying to kill him or any of his usual fears, Spiegelman ran through a powerpoint that covered the high points of the Breakdowns book, touched on his children's book for his wife's imprint and then took questions. You can buy a recording of the talk from Politics and Prose.

Bruce Guthrie took his usual load of shots, but here's three that I got:

100_6477 Art Spiegelman

100_6476 Art Spiegelman

100_6478 Art Spiegelman


Chatterbox said...

Did they let him smoke? I remember that usually being a stipulation of his for appearances and whatnot, at least back in the day.

Mike Rhode said...