Thursday, November 27, 2008

Full page o' Our Man Thompson in Thanksgiving Post Magazine

The last page of the Post Magazine on Thanksgiving has a full-page Cul de Sac strip. I have a suspicion this one is recycled, because it looks like watercolors rather than the Syndicate's limited palette. Also... it's not Sunday! So this is probably just a gimme for the Post.

Since Cavna's presumably taking the day off, also in Watch Your Head, Lio and his pet Cthulu (see HP Lovecraft in Wikipedia) make a guest appearance. Whoa, just checked and he did pick Thanksgiving strips to mention - however, we've got a 10-point deduction for not recognizing one of the Elder Gods.


kevin said...

Is it the Cul De Sac they ran last Thanksgiving? Richard posted it on his blog then- it's the one that starts "Before we eat let's each say what we're thankful for".

Happy holidays, by the way.

Mike Rhode said...

Yes, that's the one.

richardcthompson said...

Naw, this one's new. It just starts the same way. Uh-oh, is it getting stale already?

Happy Leftovers Day & greeetings from Saleme, Ohio.

kevin said...

No, it's not at all stale. It's memorable, that's all. I'm just glad the folks in DC aren't getting exclusive Cul De Sacs that are denied to us poor souls in Indiana.
Hope your holidays in Salem are happy.