Friday, November 07, 2008


By John Judy

ACTION COMICS # 871 by Geoff Johns and Pete Woods. In which we learn if you didn’t escape Krypton before it exploded it’s only because you didn’t try.

BATMAN: CACOPHONY #1 of 3 by Kevin Smith and Walt J. Flanagan. Don’t worry, the working title of this comic was not “Bruce and Selina Make a Porno.” Unfortunately the Big Bad’s name is “Onomatopoeia” and I am not making that up. To save you a trip to Wikipedia I’ll tell you that the word is Greek in origin and refers to the making of words that sound like their meanings. Words like buzz, bop, thump and whatever sound Kevin Smith’s head makes when you smash it repeatedly into a concrete floor for trying too damn hard to be clever. Oh yeah, “Onomatopoeia” in this case is the name of a “mysterious masked killer” bent on vexing the Gotham Goliath. No doubt by making him say his name three times fast. Oy…

BLACK TERROR #1 by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Mike Lilly. No, it’s not about what red state voters are experiencing this week. It’s a series spun off from PROJECT SUPERPOWERS that will no doubt appeal to both of the people still reading PROJECT SUPERPOWERS. I liked the Alan Moore TERRA OBSCURA version better on account of Moore being able to write. Hey, these Golden-Age revamps are public domain so write your own if you like!

CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI 13 #7 by Paul Cornel and Leonard Kirk. The Mindless Ones are on the attack! Guess they’re still not over last Tuesday. J

JLA/AVENGERS SC by Kurt Busiek and George Perez. Finally one of the biggest of Big Fights is collected in affordable, bookshelf-friendly, trade paperback form. From the days when Big Event comics didn’t suck and/or take all year to come out. Recommended for all ages.

JSA KINGDOM COME SPECIAL: SUPERMAN #1 written and illustrated by Alex Ross. This is the first comic ever done by Alex Ross flying solo. That automatically gets it a “Gotta Look.” Here’s hoping it’s more KINGDOM COME and less EARTH X or PROJECT SUPERPOWERS. Fingers crossed.

THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS #3 of 5 by Stephen King, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Mike Perkins. The best Stephen King adaptation ever continues as we see the super-flu begin its extermination of the world population. No more long lines at the polls! Recommended.

THUNDERBOLTS, VOL.2: CAGED ANGELS SC by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato. That nice Mister Ellis shows us what happens when one attempts the psychic domination of people who self-mutilate, eat people and throw exploding pumpkins at Spider-Man. Most entertaining! Not for kids.

WALKING DEAD #54 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. New friends, old friends and lotsa zombie-killin’! It’s good to vent now and then. Recommended. Not for kids.

WOLVERINE #69 by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. Okay, much as I hated the movie “Wanted” and don’t want Millar on the next Superman flick, he is delivering a solid, intriguing alternate-future Wolverine story here. But the pay-off better not be that he saw a puppy die and swore off claw-popping forever. Fair warning has been given. Recommended.

X-MEN: MAGNETO TESTAMENT #3 of 5 by Greg Pak and Carmine Di Giandomenico. The Nazis invade Poland and young Magneto still hasn’t powered up. A dark story that doesn’t flinch from the history in which it’s based. Probably too intense for young kids. Good for teens and up. Recommended.

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