Saturday, November 22, 2008

Advertisements using comics motifs

These would more properly go on my friend The Ephemerist's blog, but I'll stick them up here. A request for advertisements showing comics influences to use in teaching went up on the comix-scholars list recently. I tend to have a lot of clippings files on comics, and this was one that I could help with. Here's what I scanned for the request - a lot of these date from the 1990s because I was much better about getting things filed when I had no children and wasn't writing about comics.

comics ad - Wash Flyer 08-05
Watson Wyatt superhero motif ad, Washington Flyer magazine, May 1998.

comics ad - Superchecking Wash Post 96-09-29
1st National Bank of Maryland's Superchecking ad was obviously influenced by the Superman logo. Washington Post, September 29, 1996.

comics ad - Paramus Honda - Bergen Record 96-11-29
Paramus Honda ran a series of ads with a continuing comic strip in the Bergen [County, NJ] Record. This one is from November 29, 1996.

comics ad - Norton Utilities - Govt Computer News 95-09-04
Norton Utilities compared themselves to superheroes in this ad from Government Computer News, September 4, 1995.

comics ad - AOL Mailer
AOL's cd mailer went for the superhero ad motif.

comics ad - Commander in Chief - NYT 05-09-10
The "Commander in Chief" tv show ran several gag cartoon ads in both the Washington Post and the New York Times. This one is from the Times, September 14, 2005.

comics ad - Inova Hospital for Children - Wash Post 96-10-26
"Superhero Action Figures - They Really Exist" from Inova Hospital for Children, Washington Post, October 26, 1996.

comics ad - Mercury Tracer - Ent Week 96-09-06
Neal Adams' Continuity Associates Studio undoubtedly did this series of ads for the Mercury Tracer car that ran in magazines in 1996. This one is from Entertainment Weekly, September 6, 1996.

comics ad - Mercury Tracer

comics ad - 1st TN bank - Cookeville Herald Citizen 94-09-11
The 1st Tennessee Bank used a superhero comic strip ad, Cookeville Herald-Citizen, September 11, 1994.

comics ad - Kings Dominion - Wash Post 95-06-25
Paramount's Kings Dominion amusement park and MTV teamed up in this ad, Washington Post, June 25, 1995.

comics ad - Wash Post 98-01-17
An ad, probably done inhouse by an amateur cartoonist, for Fitzgerald Auto Malls, Washington Post January 17, 1997.

comics ad - Perry Ellis NYT06-02-06
Perry Ellis ad, New York Times, February 6, 2006. These panels were from a longer storyline.

comics ad - Perry Ellis NYT06-06-06
Perry Ellis ad, New York Times, June 6, 2006.

comics ad - Perry Ellis NYT06-06-30
Perry Ellis ad, New York Times, June 30, 2006.

comics ad - Balvenie - Wash Post 06-03-28
Balvenie whiskey ad, Washington Post March 28, 2006. These ran longer in the NY Times than the Post, and an earlier series is available on their website. A lot of these were about holidays.

comics ad - Balvenie - NYT 06-05-13
Balvenie whiskey ad, New York Times May 13, 2006.

comics ad - Balvenie - NYT 06-10-06
Balvenie whiskey ad, New York Times October 6, 2006.

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