Tuesday, April 06, 2010

That darn Toles, continued even more

Ummmm, doesn't the idea of less guns = less gun crimes ever occur to anyone? On the other hand, I guess if one thinks that editorial cartoons shouldn't be propaganda, one lives in a different world than I do. They're editorializing after all.

Propagandist cartoon draws on the District's gun laws
Washington Post Tuesday, April 6, 2010; A12

The April 1 editorial cartoon by Tom Toles seemed to imply that the 2008 Supreme Court ruling that forced the District to revamp its gun laws led to last week's shootings that left four people dead in Southeast Washington.

The only problem with Mr. Toles's blatant propaganda is that the still-restrictive gun laws make it impossible for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. Does anyone think the suspects in the shootings owned guns legally?

Tom McAnear, Arlington

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