Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 04-14-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 04-14-10
By John Judy
ACTION COMICS #888 by Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann and Pere Perez.  Okay, so the whole Nightwing/Flamebird thing has been the most contrived, least interesting part of the "New Krypton" arc that got buried by BLACKEST NIGHT.  That said, it's wrapping up with a big fight against a Kryptonian god with Wonder Woman and the JSA helping out.  This also has a Captain Atom back-up feature you are not obliged to care about at all.  Enjoy!
BODYWORLD HC written and drawn by Dash Shaw.  A psychedelic sci-fi story about a plant that gives you telepathy when you smoke it.  Contains awkwardness.
BOOTH GN by CC Colbert and Tanitoc.  A graphic bio of our 16th President's murderer.  Too soon?
BRIGHTEST DAY #0 by Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin.  To be sub-titled "Look Who's Back from the Dead and What They Are Doing About It."  Cool.  Gotta look.
CHEW #10 by John Layman and Rob Guillory.  Wrapping up the exotic mayhem of "International Flavor!"  Highly recommended.
DAREDEVIL #506 by Andy Diggle, Antony Johnston and Marco Checchetto.  DD begins to suspect somebody in the assassins guild he now leads may be untrustworthy. DD = Brains.
DAYTRIPPER #5 of 10 by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba.  This time out it looks like Bras is going to die a child.  Highly recommended.
DOC SAVAGE #1 by Paul Malmont and Howard Porter.  The Man of Bronze is back in fine pulp-action form!  Also features a JUSTICE, INC. back-up starring The Avenger!
EXCALIBUR VISIONARIES: WARREN ELLIS, VOL. 1 SC by Ellis and Various Artists.  The first time that nice Mr. Ellis got his hands on mutant superheroes the results were… well… this.  Reprinting issues #83-90 of that X-book nobody ever read.
FLASH # 1 by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.  Barry Allen's first job back as the Flash is protecting the lives of his arch-enemies, the Rogues!  No rush.  Recommended.
FLASH PROMO RINGS from DC.  Squirty, super-compacted speedster costume not included!  Ask your comic shop clerk for yours today!
IRON MAN: LEGACY #1 by Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth.  Tony Stark hates it when you use his Iron Man tech for bad stuff like war and genocide.  Consequences ensue.
IRREDEEMABLE SPECIAL #1 by Mark Waid, Emma Rios, Paul Azaceta and Howard Chaykin.  A special issue focusing on better days with the Plutonian and his old pals the Paradigm.  New insights into how Tony went bad, plus a guest appearance by the pre-heroic Max Damage.  Highly Recommended.
KILL SHAKESPEARE #1 by Connor McCreery, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger.  What if Shakespeare's greatest heroes and villains all wanted to kill him?  And why wouldn't they?  Gotta look!
OTHER LIVES HC written and drawn by Peter Bagge.  An original graphic novel about self-loathing geeks with secrets, from the creator of HATE.  Highly recommended.
PUNISHERMAX #6 by Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon.  Two words: "Bullseye.  Max."  Recommended. Not for kids.
SECRET SIX #20 by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore.  With his son missing Catman's got a whole lotta killing to do and no time to be nice about it.  Cool.
SIEGE: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Christos Gage and Federico Dallocchio.  Cap and Bucky fight some dudes.
ULTIMATE COMICS ENEMY #3 of 4 by Brian Michael Bendis and Rafa Sandoval.  There really is an Ultimate Enemy.  Bendis tells us so.
UNWRITTEN #12 by Mike Carey and Various Artists.  A stand-alone issue with a distinct Wonderland vibe to it.  Recommended.
WOLFSKIN HUNDREDTH DREAM #1 of 6 by Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer and Gianluca Pagliarini.  Wolfskin will attempt to leave the blood-soaked savagery of his past behind him and live a peaceful life of helping people.  Not for kids.
WOLVERINE WEAPON X, VOL. 1: THE ADAMANTIUM MEN SC by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney.  What if Blackwater mercenaries were given all the powers of Wolverine?  And what if Wolvie felt morally compelled to chop every one of those freaks into cat food?  From the thin collection of Wolverine Stories That Don't Suck.  Recommended.
WORLD WAR HULKS: HULKED OUT HEROES #1 by Jeff Parker and Humberto Ramos.  If you've been waiting your whole life to read the adventures of a hulked-out Deadpool then this is the one thing you can't miss!  Unlike kissing a girl…

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