Monday, April 26, 2010

Comic Riffs on let's not "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

Post-'South Park': Cartoonist retreats from 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!' [UPDATED], By Michael Cavna, Washington Post's Comic Riffs blog April 26, 2010.

I'm a pretty irreligious guy, and dedicated to free speech, but even I feel this is all getting ridiculous. To use a loaded analogy, it's starting to remind me of the Islam conquest, and countering Crusades, where you 'convinced' the other side by brute force.

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joe said...

Yeah, but there still has to be some response to the threat of violence for free speech. I think that was the original point intended - it's just gotten lost in the wave of anti-muslim sentiment. There have been "disrespectful" images of Jesus, jews and every other iconoclastic figure in religion; all usually result in some kind of debate. We can't let respect for religion freedom cancel out our sense of basic justice. If we do, what happens when NAMBLA declares themselves a religion?