Sunday, April 18, 2010

Most laughable reason to disagree with Fiore's Pulitzer goes to...

...the Washington Examiner!

From April 18, 2010's "10 Lowlights of the Week" column:

#4 Puerile Pulitzer
Political cartoonist award goes to 'Tea Bag' jokester

The details: According to the Pulitzer committee, Mark Fiore "Set a high standard for an emerging form of commentary" with his animated cartoons on the Internet. Fiore is best known for a cartoon, "Learn to Speak Tea Bag" which has tea party protesters running around screaming "Nazi! - Socialist! Baby killer!" High standards, indeed.

On the next page, Nate Beeler picked his pro-Tea Party cartoon as his favorite of the week - can't agree with that call either, Nate.

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natebeeler said...

Hey, I warned you that you wouldn't like my Tea Party cartoon! As for the Fiore criticism ... I had no part in that. I do, however, think calling the Tea Party people racist teabaggers is tantamount to the anti-war protesters during the Bush administration being called unpatriotic traitors.