Monday, April 05, 2010

Richard Thompson youtube interviews direct links

From Chris Sparks' ears to yours -

Richard Thompson and before Cul de Sac audio interview part 1
March 31 2010

Richard Thompson & Cul de Sac audio interview Part 2
April 1 2010

jeditrue — April 01, 2010 — Part two explores the early years of Cul de sac, web comics and his editor.

Richard Thompson chats about Bill Watterson and deadlines part 3
jeditrue — April 02, 2010

Richard Thompson chats about Bill Watterson writing the foreword to his first Cul de Sac collection and him dealing with deadlines and how easy ideas come to him.

Richard Thompson discusses Alice and Petey audio interview part 4
— April 03, 2010 —

Richard goes into detail about the origins of Alice and Petey from Cul de Sac!

Richard Thompson discussing the Cul de Sac family and friends audio interview part 5
April 3 2010

Richard Thompson discussing more of the Cul de Sac gang part 6
April 4 2010

Richard Thompson on having Parkinsons disease and the future of Cul deSac ...part 7
From: jeditrue | April 04, 2010

In the last part of this long but entertaining interview Richard is talking about
Parkinsons and his plans for Cul de Sac. I hope you have enjoyed the interview. There will be more art drawing videos and a shorter interview this summer.


richardcthompson said...

Like I said, bring a snack. And some kind of stimulant. And some magazines with puzzles in the back.

chris said...

I did think it was a little rude for you to work on puzzles during the interview.
I bored Richard so bad he was trying to drown himself in mustard. No Lie!
Thank you Richard for taking the time for the interview and being a great host.