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Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 04-21-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 04-21-10
By John Judy
100 % SC written and drawn by Paul Pope.  Collecting five issues of the cyber-punk life circa 2038!
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #628 by Roger Stern and Lee Weeks.  So that's whatever happened to Captain Universe.  Too bad for the Juggernaut though.  Saying you got slapped by Captain Universe has got to be the worst…
AMERICAN VAMPIRE #2 by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque.  Skinner and Pearl rise to their occasions.  Recommended.
BENNY AND PENNY IN THE TOYBREAKER HC written and drawn by Geoffrey Hayes.  Cousin Bo seriously busts up B&P's toys every time he visits.  Cousin Bo is going to have to be dealt with.  Great for all ages.
BRAVE AND THE BOLD #33 by J. Michael Straczynski and Cliff Chiang.  Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Batgirl (the real one!) go out for a night on the town.  There may or may not be a story attached but who cares?  Highly recommended.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHO WON'T WIELD THE SHIELD #1 by Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction and Some Swell Artists.  Who won't it be?!  Sarah Palin?  The cute barista at Starbucks?  That dude with the really ill-advised tattoo?  Only Irving Forbush knows for sure!
CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS, VOL. 5 SC by Gerry Conway, Dick Dillin, George Perez and Others.  Justice League/Society cross-overs from JLA#159, 160, 183, 184 and 185.  Big fights and gorgeous George Perez art!  Recommended.
CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES #1 of 6 by David Lapham and Javier Barreno.  Lapham takes up where Garth Ennis left off in a world where a virus drives everyone who gets it to extremes of madness, torture and mayhem.  It's like a big teabagger rally with no cops.  Absolutely not for kids.
DO ANYTHING, VOL. 1: THOUGHTS ON COMICS AND THINGS by Warren Ellis.  That nice Mr. Ellis writes about stuff while channeling the robot head of Jack Kirby.  It's cheap and it's from Avatar, so we're lucky to have heard of it at all.  Recommended.
DV8: GODS AND MONSTERS #1 of 8 by Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs.  "So, tell us about the time you and your super-friends were briefly gods in a pre-historic world."
FIRESTAR #1 by Sean McKeever and Emma Rios.  It turns out Firestar has survived cancer.  I get the feeling this will be a Very Special Episode of Firestar…
GARTH ENNIS BATTLEFIELDS #5 of 9 by Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra.  "The Firefly and His Majesty" continues.  Tank fight with ratzis!  Recommended.
GREEN LANTERN #53 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.  So it's the morning after "Darkest Night."  Let's call it "Brightest Day" if you will.  You've suddenly got all these other-than-green colored Lanterns running around, at least three of whom you want nothing to do with.  In fact, you should probably be fighting them on account of them being mass murderers and all.  What do you do?  Recommended.
GREETINGS FROM CARTOONIA: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE OF THE LAND OF COMICS SC by Various Creators.  An international compilation of strips from twelve different creators, each inspired by different things from their country of choice.  Gotta look!  From Stripburger, distributed by Top Shelf.
GUILD #2 of 3 by Felicia Day and Jim Rugg.  Our cute protagonist finds herself getting more and more into her on-line role-playing game as her boyfriend's emotional neglect gets worse.  (No, I'm not crying.  It's just something in my eye…)
HELLBLAZER #266 by Peter Milligan and Simon Bisley.  The story of aging and wannabe punk rockers dedicated to raising the spirit of Sid Vicious is probably the best Constantine story Milligan has done so far.  And Biz is the perfect artist for it.  Highly recommended.
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #44 by James Robinson and Mark Bagley.  Okay, I don't know about you but I'm counting members of at least four different DC super-teams on this cover and not one of whom could be called proper JLA.  What gives, Robinson?
RASL, VOL. 2: FIRE OF SAINT GEORGE SC written and drawn by Jeff Smith.  The continuing adventures of Smith's universe-hopping scientist/art thief/debaucher can be found here.  Highly recommended.
SIEGE: SPIDER-MAN #1 by Brian Reed and Marco Santucci.  Spidey dukes it out with Venom.  For the title!
SIF #1 by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Ryan Stegman.  Thor's bride is in Loki-possession recovery and that requires chopping stuff up with her sword!  It's therapy, Norse goddess style!
SPIRIT #1 by Mark Schultz and Moritat.  Co-feature by Dennis O'Neil and Bill Sienkiewicz.  Re-launching the adventures of Will Eisner's legendary domino-masked punch-up artist, this one features an interesting twist:  A Spirit comic with a back-up story featuring "The Spirit!"  Because most of us don't care about the Spirit.  We only want it for the Spirit.
ULTIMATE COMICS: AVENGERS #6 by Mark Millar and Carlos Pacheco.  Ultimate Captain America and his little boy Ultimate Red Skull (yeah, I know…) go mano a mano in the conclusion of Millar's latest burst of summer movie ultra-violence.
UNDELETED SCENES SC written and drawn by Jeffrey Brown.  Top Shelf presents ten years worth of rare and previously uncollected works by indy humorist Brown.  Recommended.
X-FACTOR #204 by Peter David and Valentine DeLandro.  The team fights a reanimated dead guy named "Bolivar."  You kind of have to win this one if you ever want to show your face at the X-picnic again.
X-MEN LEGACY #235 by Mike Carey and Greg Land.  The X-gang is still chasing after Hope.  Once they get her they'll work on Change.

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