Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whoops, I'm probably not buying all of Cinebooks titles this year

More PR over the e-transom based on previous posts. Cinebook publishes good stuff and is worth checking out...

Cinebook to publish 8 new series, 46 titles by Mediatoon in English in 2009

Canterbury, Kent, 26 January, 2009 – For many English-speaking readers, knowledge of European comic books is limited to the popular characters Tintin and Asterix.

Since the end of 2005, Cinebook has worked to become the premier publisher of the Franco-Belgian Ninth Art in English in markets dominated by American superhero comics and Japanese manga.

Olivier Cadic, editor and creator of the publishing house based in Canterbury, England and in Northern California, has announced that it will further develop the Cinebook catalogue in 2009 with the addition of eight new series: “Billy and Buddy,” “Buck Danny,” “The Chimpanzee Complex,” “Insiders,” “The Bellybuttons,” “Orbital,” “Pandora’s Box” and “Spirou & Fantasio.”

They join the series “Lucky Luke,” “Iznogoud,” “Blake & Mortimer,” “Thorgal,” “Largo Winch,” “Aldebaran,” “Alpha,” “IR$,” “Lady S,” “Scorpion,” “Biggles,” “Cedric,” “Clifton,” “Ducoboo,” “Melusine,” “Papyrus,” “The Bluecoats,” “Yakari” and “Yoko Tsuno,” already being published by Cinebook.

All of the series, 46 Dargaud-Dupuis-Lombard titles and one Casterman title, will be published in new English editions in 2009 by Cinebook.

“We’re investing to introduce to the Anglo-Saxon world the numerous European talents of the Ninth Art,” declares Cadic. In 2008, almost half of Cinebook’s album sales were in Europe (46%) and one-third in North America (31%). Cinebook, which is present throughout the world, also sells in the South Sea Islands (10%), Asia (10%) and Africa/the Middle East (3%).

The foreign rights of publishers Dargaud-Dupuis-Lombard are marketed by Mediatoon Distribution. At the beginning of January 2009, Mediatoon and Cinebook signed a new five-year contract for each of the 27 anticipated series, providing for publication of one to six albums per year by series.

For Sophie Castille, director of Mediatoon’s Foreign rights, this agreement constitutes the most important partnership between a publisher of Franco-Belgian bandes dessinĂ©es (BD) and an English-language publisher: “In three years, Cinebook has emerged as the premier worldwide publisher of Franco-Belgian BD in the English language. Mediatoon is delighted to be associated with the emergence of a big, new international name in BD.”

These and other Cinebook titles are distributed:

In North America, by National Book Network Distribution, Inc. (NBN),

In Europe (except France & Benelux), by Turnaround Publisher Services,

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