Saturday, January 31, 2009

PR for new book on X-Men in the movies

This came over the e-transom today, presumably due to that bibliography of comics and film that I'm selling over there on the right.


Are you a fan of the X-Men storylines that led to the blockbuster movie trilogy?

Mutant Cinema: The X-Men Trilogy from Comics to Screen examines the history of X-Men comics and how they were adapted and changed for the screen. The book is written by Thomas J. McLean (Variety, Newsarama), a life-long X-Men fan as well as a Hollywood insider.

Published by Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, Mutant Cinema is now available exclusively from Diamond Comic Distributors and the Previews catalog (order code FEB094600). Also, it sports a cover by award-winning artist Kevin Colden (Fishtown).

The book is the definitive unauthorized study of the popular movie saga, including:
• The history of X-Men comic books;
• Detailed scene-by-scene examinations of each film and the comic book stories that infuse every aspect of the movies;
• The development process for each film, including behind-the-scenes stories, interviews with the screenwriters, and details on omitted scenes and storylines;
• Previous adaptations, including early cartoon appearances, the successful 1990s animated series, and initial attempts to bring the mutants to the big screen;
• Critical and fan receptions of each film, plus box-office performances; and
• What the future may hold for the franchise.

"The films gave Tom a great reason to examine some of Marvel's best-known comics," says editor Mike Phillips. "He didn't disappoint. Almost every scene in the trilogy was spawned by some classic storyline, and Tom brings all of those connections to light."

Not only is Mutant Cinema (softcover, 6x9 in, 320 pgs, B&W) accessible to comics and movie fans alike, it's the essential guide to the films for both die-hard fans and newcomers.

Again, the book is available only through Diamond Comic Distributors and the Previews catalog (order code FEB094600). Any comic book store can order one for you, but don't assume that your store will order a copy unless you ask.

Note: The author is available for interviews. If you're interested, please reply to this email.

Legal Disclaimer: X-Men and related characters are trademarks of Marvel Comics. This book is not endorsed by either Marvel Comics or 20th Century Fox.

About the Publisher: Sequart Research & Literacy Organization is a non-profit devoted to the study and promotion of comic books as a legitimate art.


namanon times said...

could be an interesting book. but if they are trying to reach the causal fans of the movie and cartoons shouldn't they have characters that look more like the x-men?

I understand if they could have the actual x-men due to copyright issues but still a guy that looks like wolverine or storm or something would have been smarter then a guy that looks like skins/Reed Richards

Mike Rhode said...

Yeah, I'm sure they were avoiding trademark/copyright issues and just went with a line of 'mutants.'