Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gaiman's Newbery Medal

Neil Gaiman won a Newbery Medal yesterday for 'The Graveyard Book,' which is a fun little novel about a boy whose family is assassinated, but he's protected by ghosts in a graveyard and grows up there until he becomes a Young Adult and wants to go out in the world - where the assassin is still waiting. The Post and the Times have stories about it: "In Fine Spirits: Newbery Judges Take Shine to Friendly Ghosts Of Gaiman's 'Graveyard'," By Bob Thompson, Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, January 27, 2009; C01 and "‘The Graveyard Book’ Wins Newbery Medal,"
By MOTOKO RICH, New York Times January 27, 2009

The Post also has a minor piece about Bush's caricature being in The Palms restaurant even though he never ate there.

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