Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More info on Bamn wrestling comic

Troy Allen wrote in this evening about the Gazette story (that I linked to earlier today) on the wrestling comic book called "Bamn" which he writes along with two artists. He says:

"Bamn" is an action/comedy about a collection of backyard wrestling misfits who are getting bullied by their high school's amateur wrestling team. The misfits bump into a washed-up, former pro-wrestler named "Bamn." Bamn realizes the backyarders need to defend themselves and takes them under his wing, providing them with most important thing they'll learn in their final year of high school: Manhood.

The series is scheduled to be 8-parts and issue #1 is currently available at The book will soon be available at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Md and Alliance Comic and Games in Silver Spring, MD.

Additionally, we will be at SPX and the Baltimore Comic Con this year.

You can find out more about us at

I'll be stopping by Alliance to get a copy in the next few weeks, in the spirit of Support Your Local Cartoonist (an unmade James Garner movie).

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