Saturday, October 13, 2007

SPX and DC's Matt Dembicki in the Examiner today UPDATED

The Examiner has a brief article on SPX today (now on the right, shhh) - Matt Dembicki of the local DC Conspiracy artists group is quoted in it. Matt's at SPX selling his Mr. Big, the story of a large turtle, which Matt says is all-ages appropriate.

Also, apparently yesterday's Post Weekend had a brief article, and on Thursday, Scott Rosenberg had a good size piece about Matt Wagner and SPX in the Express, with a lovely piece of art by Paul Horshenheiemer. He's got extras and he's roaming at SPX interviewing cartoonists with Chris Porter also of the Express.

I'll be there circa 1:30 on Saturday with Richard Thompson of the Post and Cul de Sac in tow.

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