Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rob Tornoe on Oliphant

New Jersey's The Press of Atlantic City's editorial cartoonist Rob Tornoe emailed in, "I went to see Oliphant last night at Politics & Prose, and I put up a very brief description of it, as well as a couple of photos, on my blog,"

Rob also linked to Bruce Guthrie's pictures - I'm in photo 248 so please feel free to come up and say hello at the next event. A few of us from the International Comic Arts Forum and Bruce went out for pizza after the signing.

I went too, and met a bunch of people I know there. I'm downloading my pictures now and will add them in later. I got there late, but Oliphant mainly was doing caricatures - just whipping them out in charcoal - of the presidential wannabees.

Rob's got two more sites: - The Press of Atlantic City

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