Sunday, October 28, 2007

DC's own Pop Mhan at DC's Zuda Comics

Randy T. reports:

DC's own Pop Mhan is one of the competitors at DC's Zuda Comics webcomic competition thingie:

In anticipation of the launch of, DC Comics announced today the ten entries in the first ever competition. These webcomics are diverse in both their subject matter and tone, spanning a wide variety of genres— from horror to western to fantasy. Aspiring creators and comics fans alike will be invited to vote for one of the ten comics to continue as a regular web comic on the site. The competition winners will, in turn, receive contracts to create a year’s worth of their comic for the site.

“If Zuda Comics are to have common traits they’re quality and diversity”, said Ron Perazza, Director, Creative Services. “For this first competition we selected people from different creative fields, both within and outside of traditional comics, based on the strength of their concepts. It was a bit of a creative experiment but the results were fantastic. This is going be a tough competition!”

The first competition features the following webcomics:


Title: The Dead Seas
Writer/Artist: Pop Mhan
Summary: Legions of undead controlled by Necromancer warlords destroy life as we know it, plunging the Earth into a futuristic Dark Age. But it’s adventure and romance on The Dead Seas as a swashbuckling young pirate named Devin teams up with an adventurous crusader name Luna. Armed with the secret of Pandora’s Box, they set out to destroy the Necromancers and save the world.


Unknown said...

Hey, if you don't mind me asking, where did you find the quote from Ron Perazza? Thanks.

Mike Rhode said...

Sorry, I just posted what Randy sent to me. Hopefully he'll chime in and tell you where it came from... my guess is DC's website though.

Randy said...

I found it on Heidi MacDonald's The Beat. Part of my daily regime (along with this site, of course!). There were other blurbs about Zuda, but this one had the most meat to it. And Pop's a good guy!

Randy said...

And webcomics and voting are now up! Check out