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Comics Research Bibliography update October 22, 2007 citations

Another boring post! Here's the list that was sent to my Comics Research Biblio co-author today.

Abruzzese, Sarah. 2005.
Pop culture museum to open in Baltimore: Venture will display entrepreneur's collection of cartoons, toys and other memorabilia [Geppi’s Entertainment Museum].
Baltimore Sun (October 24)

Associated Press. 2007.
Sen. Leahy to appear in next Batman film.
Washington Examiner (August 20): 9

Belman, Felice. 2006.
Time to get serious about the funnies; Help us decide which comics to add, scrap.
Concord Monitor (December 31).
Online at

Booker. M. Keith. 2007.
‘May Contain Graphic Material’: Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Film.

Booker. M. Keith. 2006.
Drawn to Television: Prime-Time Animation from The Flintstones to Family Guy.

Brady, Matt. 2007.
The Boys Ends At Wildstorm.
Newsarama (January 24):

Cart, Michael. 1991.
The cat with the killer personality [Felix].
New York Times Book Review (March 31)

Chaney, Jen. 2007.
The holiday necessity: ‘The Jungle Book’ is the answer to all your kid-gifting questions.
[Washington Post] Express (October 3)

Conan, Neal. 2007.
Goodbye, Captain America [Jeph Loeb interview].
National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation (July 9).
online at

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Josie and Barbara Slate's Pussycats.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 15):;f=36;t=006367

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Bevard's Favorite Class At Ninja High School.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 14):;f=36;t=006363

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Steve Uy, Jakeem Thunder and Jsa Classified.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 15):;f=36;t=006364

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Christos Gage And The New Quasar.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 14):;f=36;t=006362

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Dustin Nguyen: Torturing Superman And Batman.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 13):;f=36;t=006359

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Schwartz And Wang's Meltdown: One Hot Comic.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 13):;f=36;t=006358

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Jedi Jason Hall's Clone Wars Adventures.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 12):;f=36;t=006356

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
The Origins Of Wolverine With Daniel Way.
Comicon's The Pulse (June 12):;f=36;t=006355

Contino, Jennifer M. 2007.
Teen Titans' Todd Nauck Go!
Comicon's The Pulse (June 11):;f=36;t=006352

Cornwell, Lisa. 2007.
Cincinnati gets restored mural of city [Saul Steinberg].
Associated Press (June 16).
Online at

Coville, James. 2006.
Tony Tallarico Interview.
Collector Times' Coville's Clubhouse (August):

Cuti, Nicola. 1981.
In memorium – Wally Wood: 1927-1981.
Comics Scene (2): 12

Dixon, Glenn. 2007.
A hyphenate fanboy in exile: Junot Diaz shows the geek love in his first novel, ‘Oscar Wao’ [comic book influences].
[Washington Post] Express (September 6)

Flake, Emily. 2007.
These Things Ain't Gonna Smoke Themselves [smoking graphic novel].
Bloomsbury USA

Fleming, Thomas. 1902.
Around the Capital with Uncle Hank [caricatures by editorial cartoonist].
Thomas New York: Nutshell Publishing Co.

Flynn, John L. 2007.
101 Superheroes of the Silver Screen: A Compendium of Cinema's Costumed Crimefighters.
Maryland: Galactic Books

Fotos, Adam. 2007.
Comics writer McCloud to lecture at Krannert.
University of Illinois' Daily Illini (April 19).
Online at

Ree, Wayne. 2007.
[Kazu Kibuishi on Flight volume 4].
Diverging Comics (April):

Unknown. 2003?
An Interview with Flight Comics' Kazu Kibuishi
Diverging Comics:

Friess, Steve. 2007.
Cartoon creator hopes reinventing 'For Better' is for the best.
USA Today (September 10).
Online at

George, Richard. 2006.
Hollywood Invades the Comic Book Industry: Have directors and writers like Richard Donner, Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith been good to comics?
IGN (November 30):

Glines, C.V. 1969.
Before the Colors Fade: Berlin Airlift Commander [military cartoonist Jake Schuffert].
American Heritage (October): 95

Griepp, Milton. 2007.
Jay Kennedy RIP; King Features Editor Dead at 50.
ICv2 (March 18):

Groening, Matt. 2007.
Will and Abe's Guide to the Universe [Life In Hell].
New York: Harper

Harben, Jerry. 2007.
Videos help children with absent parent [educational psychiatric animation].
US Army Medical Department Mercury (August): 4

Becker, Pam. 2007.
Lynn Johnston isn't ready to call it quits.
Chicago Tribune (February 20).
Online at,1,6284402.story?track=rss

Harrison, Eric. 2007.
For Better or for Worse creator slowing down, not retiring.
Houston Chronicle (January 30).
Online at

Heater, Brian. 2007.
Interview: Peter Kuper Pt. 1-2.
Daily Cross Hatch (August 28, September 18):

Heffernan, Virginia. 2007.
Television That's Rude, Crude, Hilarious and Only on the Web [internet animation].
New York Times (January 11)

Henderson, Amy. 2007.
Book Review – Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler.
Profile: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery News (Spring / Summer): 11

Honeycutt, Kirk. 2007.
‘Ratatouille’ a masterful blend of ingredients.
Hollywood Reporter (June 17).
Online at

Kazmirs, Husna. 2007.
Panel talks about religious satire [International Comic Arts Forum, KAL, Lat].
George Washington University Hatchet (October 22).
Online at

Kelly, John F. 1990.
Interview with George Pratt 6/2/1990.
CFA-APA fanzine (19; August 15)

Kelly, John F. 1990.
A short interview with Richard Corben.
CFA-APA fanzine (20; October 15)

Kelly, John F. 1990.
Interview with Pepe Moreno 7/27/1990.
CFA-APA fanzine (20; October 15)

Kelly, John F. 1990.
20 Questions: Interview with Charles Vess, 6/1/90
CFA-APA fanzine (20; October 15)

Kelly, John F. 1990.
20 Questions with S. Clay Wilson: April 22, 1990 Earth Day! Interview with S. Clay Wilson.
CFA-APA fanzine (20; October 15)

Kelly, John. 1991.
Interview with Will Eisner 10/13/1990.
CFA-APA fanzine (21; January 15)

Kelly, John. 1991.
Carrying on the Tradition: An Interview with Dave Stevens conducted 10/14/90.
CFA-APA fanzine (21; January 15)

Kelly, John and Ed Erkes. 1991.
Interview with Mark Schultz 4/7/91.
CFA-APA fanzine (23; August 15)

Amash, Jim. 1991.
Too much ado about ‘Alex’ [Toth interview].
CFA-APA fanzine (23; August 15)

Hitchcock, John. 1991.
Talking Comics: 20 Questions for Alex Toth [interview].
CFA-APA fanzine (23; August 15)

Kelly, John. 1991.
Interview with William Stout.
CFA-APA fanzine (24; October 15)

Fausto, Len. 1990.
Comicom’s Number 1 Fear Magazine [interview with ‘Tomb of Dracula’ inker Tom Palmer].
CFA-APA fanzine (20; October 15)

Pratt, George. 1991.
Hey, Joe! [on Joe Kubert].
CFA-APA fanzine (22; April 15)

Roberts, Charlie. 1991.
Charlie Roberts (Q:) interviewing Rick Marschall (A:).
CFA-APA fanzine (22; April 15)

Thingvall, Joel. 1998.
Curt Swan: A Super Artist and a Super Guy! [interview].
CFA-APA fanzine (47; Fall)

Rothschild, Benno G. Jr. 1998.
Quality and Quantity [interview of Bob Murphy, comic strip original art collector].
CFA-APA fanzine (47; Fall)

Parkhill, Cynthia. 1998.
Bill the Bee Man: Leach put the bee in Record-Bee [Bill Leach, EC fanzine editor and semi-pro].
Lake County Record-Bee (August 19): B1, 3

Tyler, Tim. 1998.
Weird, but in a cool way: Deer Valley’s Mr. Bill inspires art classes with talent, energy [Bill Leach, EC fanzine editor and semi-pro].
Ledger Dispatch (October 7)

Klimek, Chris. 2007.
Tomorrow’s heroes [Small Press Expo and Matt Dembicki].
Washington Examiner (October 13-14): 25

Lebovits, Susan Chaityn. 2007.
Artist draws on his childhood dreams [Paul Ryan].
Boston Globe (June 17)

Lin, Eric W. 2006.
Alum Sketches Future of Political Toons [Kevin KAL Kallaugher].
Harvard Crimson (October 26):

Unknown. 2006.
The Masters Series: Jules Feiffer.
Art Daily (October 26):

Maheras, Russ. 2007.
Steve Canyon and the Air Force celebrate 60 years of serving America [comic strip].
Army Times (September 24): 46-47

Maley, Don. 1969.
Hal Foster both lives and loves the days of Camelot.
Editor and Publisher (January 25): 15, 52

McCourt, Sean. 2007.
Legend of Stagger Lee told in graphic novel.
Santa Cruz Sentinel (February 18).
Online at

McManus, Otile. 1977.
A Gorey master of the macabre.
Boston Globe (August ?)

Molitorisz, Sacha. 2003.
Comic genius: A file clerk created a superhero-free cult comic and became the subject of one of the movies of the year [Harvey Pekar and American Splendor].
Sydney Morning Herald (September 5)

Montagne, Renee. 2007.
Marvel Comics Kills Off Captain America.
National Public Radio's Morning Edition (March 8).
online at

McCall, Bruce. 2007.
Op-Art: The Price of Emission [cartoon].
New York Times (August 19)

McNary, Dave. 2007.
Mendes gets in Frank Miller's 'Spirit'; Actress joins Johansson, Jackson in cast.
Variety (August 22).
Online at

Mraz, Steve. 2005.
Sergeant in Afghanistan offers a comic 'Reality Check' [Bryan Dorman].
Stars and Stripes Mideast edition (October 21).
Online at

Mulholland, Tara. 2007.
Britain Embraces the Graphic Novel.
New York Times (September 5).
Online at

Murray, Noel. 2007.
Slugfest: Revisiting a cartoon sailor’s untamed early years [Popeye animation].
Onion (August 16): 20

Murray, Noel and Keith Phipps. 2007.
Whither Clarabelle Cow?: 6 Semi-Forgotten Disney Characters [expanded version online].
Onion (September 27): 14
Online at

Nunley, Kate. 2006.
World-renowned editorial cartoonist takes up residence at UMBC [KAL].
Retriever Weekly (February 21).
Online at

Ontiveros, Roberto. 2007.
Austin Grossman's 'Soon I Will Be Invincible'; Austin Grossman's debut novel takes a serious look at the world of the Supervillain.
Austin American-Statesman (June 17).
Online at

Pekar, Harvey. 1988.
Melancholy Biely [The Dramatic Symphony and the Forms of Art by Andrei Biely book review].
Village Voice (February 2): 62

Pekar, Harvey. 2003.
What, Me Worry? Yes. 'American Splendor' Is One of the Most Celebrated Movies of the year, and Everybody Loves My Comic Again. But ... I dunno.
Austin Chronicle (September 5).
Online at

Rose, Charlie. 2003.
A discussion about the film ‘American Splendor’ [interview includes Harvey Pekar].
Charlie Rose Show (August 19).
Online at

Ervin-Gore, Shawna. 2001.
Harvey Pekar [interview].
Dark Horse Comics:

Ervin-Gore, Shawna. 1999.
Harvey Pekar [interview].
Dark Horse Comics:

Zabel, Joe. 2005.
In Depth: The Harvey Pekar Interview.
Graphic Novel Review (January)
online at

Radford, Bill. 2006.
Comics legend's ideas live on [Jack Kirby].
Colorado Springs Gazette (June 11).
Online at

Radford, Bill / Colorado Springs Gazette. 2006.
Veteran of comic strips just keeps on Rock-ing along [Joe Kubert].
Houston Chronicle (January 17)

Raskauskas, Ernest C. Sr.
Cartoonist Most Foul [letter to editor on Tom Toles].
Washington Post (September 1)

Robinson, Tasha. 2007.
Bill Willingham [Interview].
Onion AV (August 6):

Robinson, Tasha. 2007.
Random Rules: James Kochalka [interview; longer version online August 7].
Onion (August 2): 14.
Online at

Robinson, Tasha. 2007.
Joss Whedon [interview; longer version online August 8].
Onion (August 2): 14.
Online at

Rosenberg, Scott. 2007.
From screen to page: Comic writer Brian Michael Bendis puts ‘Halo’ down on paper.
Express (October 2): 17

Rosenberg, Scott. 2007.
Sincere intent to flatter: Jeffrey Brown's love of a toy spawned his need to satirize it.
Express (September 24): 22

Rosenberg, Scott. 2007.
Animal Attraction: 'Laika' tells the story of a four-legged pawn of Cold War politics [British cartoonist Nick Abadzis].
Express (September 27): E7.

Rudick, Nicole. 2007.
Adrian Tomine, Graphic novelist / Cartoonist.
Believer (October): 42-51

Runyon, Damon. 1921.
Father of Krazy Kat admired as mild mannered genius [George Herriman].
Arizona Gazette (August 13).
scan online at

Robertson, Campbell. 2007.
Monster, Meet Mermaid [Disney Little Mermaid musical based on cartoon].
New York Times (September 9).
Online at

Schillinger, Liesl. 2007.
Books of Style: Light 'Em if You Got 'Em [Emily Flake on smoking].
New York Times (August 19).
Online at

Schweier, Philip. 2007.
Interview: Diana Schutz [Dark Horse Comics editor].
Comic Book Bin (April 20):

Snider, Mike. 2007.
‘The original American fantasy hero’ rides again: Conan the Barbarian is at the media gates.
USA Today (October 16)

Spiegel, Danny. 2007.
The Long Climb: Waiting until his thirties for pro comic work, Catwoman writer Will Pfeifer could finally reach the A-list with DC's mega-event Amazons Attack.
Wizard (April 20):

Scott, A. O. 2007.
Voila! A Rat for All Seasonings ['Ratatouille'].
New York Times (June 29).
Online at

Sherman, Elisabeth. 1991.
Picture Robert Crumb wearing a French beret.
Davis Enterprise (February 17): C1-2

Sothern, Billy. 2007.
Taken by the Tide [animator Helen Hill].
New York Times (January 10)

Soukup, Elise. 2005.
Jesus a Graphic Rendering [‘Marked’ by Steve Ross; religion].
Newsweek (November 28): 12

Thomas, George M. 2003.
Harvey Pekar - Comedy Lies in Mundane Life.
Akron Beacon Journal (August 15)

Thompson, Richard. 2007.
Drawing a Funny Cartooon in 20 Easy Steps [comic strip].
Washington Post (October 7): M10

Thomson, Gus. 2007.
FoxTrot comic strip moves from daily to Sunday only; Cartoon is being replaced by The Elderberries.
Auburn Journal (January 1).
Online at

Tinker, Emma. 2007.
Manuscript in Print: The Materiality of Alternative Comics.
Literature Compass 4 (4; July): 1169-1182

Tobin, Suzanne. 2007.
Meet the Comics Pages: Guy and Rodd, artoonists – ‘Brevity’.
Washington (August 24):

Trudeau, Garry. 2005.
Behind the lines: Doonesbury cartoonist pulls duty getting to know soldiers and their problems to make strip authentic.
San Francisco Chronicle (October 23): E-1.
Online at

Tymoski, John. 1990.
Comic caper: Dick Tracy and the case of the filched funnies [Museum of Cartoon Art].
Art and Auction (July-August): 16-18

Twiddy, David / Associated Press. 2007.
Comics heed the call: Comic books find new audience when released first on mobile phones.
[Washington Post] Express (September 10): 8

Unknown. 2007.
Teen's King painting to be unveiled today [the son of editorial cartoonist Chip Bok].
Akron Beacon Journal (May 3).
Online at

Williams, Darona. 2007.
The Grimm reaper: Entrepeneur, rapper and graphic novelist Carey knows pain.
[Washington Post] Express (September 10): 19

Verzemnieks, Inara. 2005.
Drawn to the truth: Joe Sacco proves that a cartoonist can deal with war in Bosnia and the Middle East with a clear eye and a steady hand
Oregonian (October 23)

Ulaby, Neda. 2007.
Pulitzer-Winning Cartoonist Killed in Car Crash [Doug Marlette].
National Public Radio's All Things Considered (July 10).
online at

Unknown. 2007.
'Lio' replaces 'FoxTrot' comic beginning in Tuesday's Gazette.
Janesville Gazette (January 2).
Online at

Unknown. 2007.
'Fox Trot,' a few other features are changing.
Henderson, KY Gleaner (January 2).
Online at

Unknown. 2006.
Spiegelman squeaks out: Cult comic artist behind `Maus' brings his graphic tales to Eugene.
Corvallis Gazette Times (February 23).
Online at

Watkins, Barbara. 2006.
Entrepreneur develops Catholic comic books.
St. Louis Review (February 24):

UPI. 1991.
The voice of Mickey Mouse silenced [animation; James MacDonald; Disney].
New York Post (February 7)

von Uthmann, Jorg. 2007.
Tintin's Creator Herge, Comic-Strip Master, Is Feted in Paris.
Bloomberg (January 2):

Walsh, Peter. 2007.
Political cartoonist exhibition at NAC [Steve Bell].
Norwich Evening News (April 11).
Online at

Weigel, David. 2007.
The Horrible Truth about Super-Science: Jackson Publick of The Venture Brothers on superheroes, satire and the ‘60s [animation interview].
Reason (July): 54-59

Unknown. 2005.
Manga cafes' new services changing geek image.
The Yomiuri Shimbun (November 22).
Online at

Unknown. 2005.
Cartoonist Austin dies aged 70.
BBC News (November 21):

Unknown. 2005.
In praise of... Austin [obituary].
The Guardian (November 21).
Online at,11711,1647084,00.html

Bell, Steve. 2005.
My lasting images of Austin, a cartoonist and friend.
The Guardian (November 21).
Online at,11711,1647144,00.html

D'Arcy, David. 2005.
Art Spiegelman on Comics and Film.
Greencine (November 18):

Unknown. 2005.
Poet, cartoonist, artist Marge Salin dies at 83.
Point Reyes Light (November 17).
Online at

Frankenhoff, Brent. 2007.
Market Beat Comics June 2007.
Comics and Games Retailer (187; October): 22-28

Frankenhoff, Brent. 2007.
Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards; How many of these winners are on yourshelves?
Comics and Games Retailer (187; October): 36-37

Frankenhoff, Brent. 2007.
Retailer Michael George charged with wife’s 1990 killing.
Comics and Games Retailer (187; October): 40

Boyle, Phil. 2007.
Defending a position: Behind the scenes of ComicsPro’s first position paper.
Comics and Games Retailer (187; October): 38

Field, Joe. 2007.
Business in Wonderland; A retailer’s view of Comic-Con International: San Diego.
Comics and Games Retailer (187; October): 30-31

Carrol, Mimi Cruz. 2007.
First impressions: You only get one chance to make one.
Comics and Games Retailer (187; October): 32-33

Powell, Chris. 2007.
Retailer rundown: Opportunities galore at San Diego [Comic-Con].
Comics and Games Retailer (187; October): 34-35

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