Monday, October 08, 2007

It's no wonder this editorial isn't signed

This editorial "Get a clue, Bruce", by The Washington DC Examiner Oct 8, 2007 conflates the threats against Fleming Rose for publishing the Danish Islam cartoons with Springsteen's opposition to the Iraq war. Cause and effect seem to be a problem here as America invaded two Muslim countries years before Rose published the cartoons AND ignoring the fact that it took six months of agitating to actually get anyone excited about the Islam cartoons. I wonder why this editorial feels that Freedom of Speech can be exported and supported by invasion. So I call it a crock.


richardcthompson said...

Well said, young man.

sir nibbles mcgee said...

Many of The Examiner's editorials leave you scratching your head wondering how they could ever actually believe the stuff they write. Their logic can be confounding.

Ibid said...

Dang. For a second I thought they'd published my rant about a particularly useless and clueless co-worker.