Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random Berryman

I was experimenting with a hand scanner today, so here's a couple of Clifford Berryman cartoons from Cook, Frederick A and Robert E Peary. 1909. Discovery of the North Pole. Philadelphia, Pa: American Book and Bible House.

If there's any interest I can scan more. Berryman was the dean of Washington editorial cartoonists for decades.


Joe Procopio said...


Did you say you used a hand scanner for these? What was the scanner, and how high a resolution is it capable of? Very curious.



Mike Rhode said...


Sorry about the delay - Fantagraphics provided a Docupen from PlanOn, which is theoretically capable of 400 DPI color scans. These scans were done in greyscale which has a lower resolution, as I was experimenting with the machine.