Friday, May 04, 2007

Saturday May 5 - Free Comic Book Day

Ok, there's 28 comics in all - see and good luck.

Things to look out for in my opinion - Gumby, the new Eddie Campbell from 01:02, Image's Wolfman, the Unseen Peanuts from Fantagraphics, Lynda Barry from D&Q; Oni's Whiteout and especially Top Shelf's Owly and Korgi.

Big Planet, at least in Bethesda, is giving out a nice prepared package of kid's comics.

Big Planet in Vienna is rumored to be visited by storm troopers.

TwoMorrows is not local, but they are uploading some of their excellent magazines for free:

Who says you can't get something for nothing? On Free Comic Book Day (this Saturday, May 5), stop in your local comic book shop and ask for a free copy of Comics 101, our new primer created just for the event. If they don't have any, then order yours at our webstore ( by Sunday, and it'll only cost you enough to cover our printing and postage costs. After Sunday, we're going to start charging more for it, to help recoup our expenses (but it'll still be a bargain!).Also, this weekend only, you can download FREE PDF COMPLETE ISSUES of the following mags, just by logging in and putting them in your shopping cart:
Alter Ego #65
Back Issue #21
Jack Kirby Collector #47
Write Now #14
Draw #12
Rough Stuff #3
Because of contractual obligations, we can only give these away this Saturday and Sunday, and then we've got to take them down. So if you're never sampled all of our mags, here's your chance to try an ENTIRE ISSUE, absolutely FREE! Go get 'em, and

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