Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yardley on Thurber

Today's Post has "James Thurber's Humorous Heart" by JONATHAN YARDLEY, Washington Post Saturday, May 12, 2007; C01. For us the key sentence is "One does indeed turn to Thurber for the drawings, but the great glory is his prose." Thus is cartooning dispatched although Yardley writes a good appreciation of Thurber's prose.

Right by Yardley, humorist (the word cartoonist may be verboten in Yardley's neighborhood) Richard Thompson has a good sendup of the Jamestown celebration madness.

In the letters to the editor section, a reader took a swipe at Ohio's Bok:

Bending Reid's Word
Washington Post (May 12, 2007)
The May 5 Drawing Board cartoon by Bok of the Akron Beacon Journal was a disgusting example of just how low the right-wing press will go in painting Democrats as troop haters. The cartoon shows Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) passing a U.S. soldier in an airport and yelling: "LOSER." I assume this cartoon was drawn because Reid recently said the war in Iraq was "lost." However, Reid never said the troops themselves were losers.

-- Eric Crossley

Tomorrow is an interview with a bunch of the women who do voices of Princesses in Shrek the Third. A preview ran in yesterday's Express and it should be a funny article.

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