Monday, May 14, 2007

Political caricaturist Krystyna Edmondson

Political caricaturist Krystyna Edmondson is profiled by her daughter in "Word for Word, Images of My Mother" by Anna Edmondson, Washington Post, Monday, May 14, 2007; C08.

Also in Style, Mike Peters' Mother Goose and Grimm is a tribute to Johnny Hart and B.C.

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A. Edmondson said...

Thanks for posting this note about the article on Krystyna Edmondson. I wrote the article and was excited to see it has had a life beyond that one day in The Post. My parents had a great Jules Feiffer cartoon above their bed for many years - it was an original: a man and woman facing back to back looking over each other's shoulders suspiciously - it exemplified marriage in the seventies, the whole EST, Group Therapy, Open Marriage, ERA period. What would a marriage cartoon look like today I wonder?