Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stuff in today's DC papers

Quick hits - I'll try to get links later...

The City Paper is covered and illustrated by Baltimore cartoonist Brian Ralph. Step away from the computer and go get one now.

The Express has 3 bits on comics:

Ennio Marchetto dresses in paper clothes as 'living cartoon' caricatures.
There's a pic of him as Marilyn Monroe. Comics? I don't know.

Glenn Dixon reviews the Steinberg exhibit at American Art.

The Library of Congress has an exhibit of Radoslav's Times which appears to be a Serbian comic book. I'll follow up on that.

Also, the Express notes that the Arena Stage's excellent posters are on display at the Museum of American Illustration in NYC.

In the Examiner, Allison Hatfield has a page on all the goofy Spider-Man 3 merchandising available including the Mr. Potato Head which is sitting on my kitchen table right now.

I haven't read the Post yet - hopefully updates and links to follow.

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Mike said...

ddower wrote directly to me:

Saw your post about Ennio at Arena Stage and that you were wondering if it is related to what you're writing about. I think you want to see it--
it's right on the money and a totally original take on animation. "Living
Cartoon" is right!