Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cartoonists in Washington, DC area newspapers as of late May 2007

Thanks to "Hackwork hacked: The "Kelly" cartoons bring back a golden age of parody" by Tim Cavanaugh, Los Angeles Times March 29, 2007, I now know that the Onion political cartoon is actually by Ward Sutton, and is meant to be a right-wing satire.

Cartoonists in Washington, DC area newspapers
as of late May 2007
compiled by Mike Rhode

Washington Post
Tom Toles - editorial cartoonist (semi-daily)
Richard Thompson - Richard’s Poor Almanac (Saturdays); Cul de Sac strip (Sunday’s Magazine), illustrations for Joel Achenbach’s Rough Draft column (Sunday’s Magazine)
Rob Shepperson, Tim Grajek - illustrations for Sunday's Business section
Nick Galifianakis - cartoons for ex-wife Carolyn Hax's Tell Me About It advice column.
Bob Staake - cartoons for Style Invitational contest (Sunday)
Patrick M. Reynolds - Flashback comic strip; unique Washington version (Sunday comics)
Eric Shansby - illustrations for Gene Weingarten’s Below the Beltway column (Sunday’s Magazine)
Christopher Gash; Christopher Neimen - spot illos especially on Sunday
Michael Cavna - editorial cartoons in Arts section, extremely irregularly
Julie Zhu - Montgomery Blair High School student cartoonist for Extra Credit column in local Extra sections
Saturday box of syndicated editorial cartoons
Turkish cartoonist Selcuk Demirel illustrations in Book World, semi-regularly

Washington Times
Garner - editorial cartoonist
Joseph Szadkowski - Zadzooks column on comic books (Saturday)
Large array of editorial cartoons and illustrations every day.

Washington Examiner (daily, except Sundays)
Nate Beeler - editorial cartoonist (semi-daily); alternates with syndicated cartoonists

Washington City Paper (Friday-only paper)
Shawn Belschwender - News of the Weird column illustrator, unique to WCP
Ben Claasen III - Dirtfarm comic strip, unique to WCP; advertising illustrations
Joe Sayers - thingpart comic strip, started in 2006, unique to WCP?
Slug Signorino - The Straight Dope column illustrator
Robert Ullman - Savage Love column illustrator, unique to WCP
Max Kornell, Josh Neufeld - article illustrations
Syndicated comic strips - The City by Derf, Red Meat by Max Cannon, Ernie Pook’s Comeek by Lynda Barry, and Lulu Eightball by Emily Flake. (Ted Rall was dropped earlier this year).

Eric Reece - illustration for Baggage Check advice column (Tuesday)

Washington Blade
No regular cartoonist - runs one syndicated editorial cartoon and six syndicated strips - Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel, Jane’s World by Paige Braddock (2002 strips), Chelsea Boys by Glen Hanson and Allan Neuwirth (still running?), Troy by Michael Derry, Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast by Greg Fox and Adam & Andy by James Asal

The Hill
Weyant - editorial cartoonist for “Weyant’s World”

The Politico
Matt Wuerker - editorial cartoons, column-heading caricatures, maps

The Onion (national, not local content)
Kelly - fictional editorial cartoonist, actually done by Ward Sutton
Syndicated strips - Postage Stamp Funnies by Shannon Wheeler, The Leftersons by Colin T. Hayes, Wondermark by David Maiki, The Spats, Cathy by Cathy Guisewhite (in Spanish) and Red Meat by Max Cannon.

Additions, corrections and comments welcome.


Mike Rhode said...

Is RJ Matson, Roll Call's regular cartoonist?

Unknown said...

"Freddy Letrange" on RACS has informed us that Richard Thompson's "Cul de Sac" is now online at
Scroll down to the Diversions box for a two month archive.

Mike Rhode said...

Excellent news, although I don't know why Richard couldn't tell us that himself....

...anyway, this is a good strip and I'm glad that people outside DC can finally see it.