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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cartoonists' Christmas cards on display? UPDATED

An article in today's Express mentions cartoonists as being included in the Season's Greetings exhibit at the Archives of American Art in the American Art building on 9th and F Sts, NW. If anyone beats me to the exhibit, let us know who's in the show, since the website doesn't.

In the comments, we are informed (presumably by an AAA staff member):

Al Freuh
Ralph Fabri
Harry Haenigsen
Frances Foot
Janet LaSalle
Norman Kent
Everett Charles Hart
Michael Ponce de León
Boris Artzybasheff
Harrison Cady
Walt Kuhn
Ralph Barton
Ad Reinhardt

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sara and Mike go to Charlottesville

Sara Duke and I went to Charlottesville yesterday to see an exhibit, but we also stopped at a bunch of antique stores to exercise our comics-senses. So here's some of what I found:

100_7051 Opus 'n Bill On the Road Again screen saver 1

100_7052 Opus 'n Bill On the Road Again screen saver 2
Opus 'n Bill On the Road Again screen saver box covers. Unfortunately, I have no idea how one could view the animated segments now.

100_7053 Eat Right 01 Eat Right to Work and Win, a 1942 book using King Features Syndicate characters. "Contributed by Swift & Companyto America's All-Out Effort through the National Nutrition Program. Office of Defense Health and Welfare Services." To read the whole booklet, click here.

100_7049 Foxy Grandpa doorstop Foxy Grandpa doorstop by Carl 'Bunny' Schultze. This is the second Foxy Grandpa thing I've found around Charlottesville - the first was a bank of his head. Sara and I both think this was repainted, but that doesn't much matter to me.

100_7050 Ferd'nand 1957 bookWordless comic strip Ferd'nand 1957 collection.

100_7061 Sagendorf Davy Crockett gameBud Sagendorf's Davy Crockett game, done around the time he was doing Popeye. I love the fact that someone saved this out of the Sunday comics and mounted it. I'll probably make a color copy and play it with my daughter. If there's any interest, I can do a hi-res scan for you readers.

Seven plates from Merry Masterpieces Fine Porcelain plates, Dayton Hudson, 1999. Anybody know anything more about these? Is it a New Yorker artist? They look vaguely like Danny Shanahan to me.

I bought a few more books and some Puck lithographs too.

Acquisitions considered, but not made: Raymond Briggs' Snowman place setting, 4 pieces by Royal Doulton - $40; Wood bas relief carving of Charles Dana Gibson cartoon - ? (some non-buyer regret over not at least checking the price); Raymond Briggs' Snowman porcelain box by Royal Doulton - $18; James Thurber house 50th anniversary commemorative plate - $40;

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kal's Christmas card and online story

Kal sent this note in today and gave his permission to reproduce his excellent Christmas e-card:

On December 15 The Baltimore based Stoop Storytelling series came to the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall for a Holiday extravaganza. The crowd of 1600 enjoyed an evening of entertaining and compelling stories and music. I was honored to be one of the guest storytellers. I recounted my "Strange and wonderful" relationship with Maryland Governor/Comptroller William Donald Schaefer. You can listen in on the 7 minute story online here:

The story is really funny - go listen to it.