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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bamn comic now available in DC area

Some local PR came in (without the pictures unfortunately):

The Bamn crew is happy to announce that Bamn #1, our debut issue, is now available at Alliance Comics and Games.

Pictured above are the two variant covers for issue #1.

If you are in the Washington, DC Metro-area and haven’t already tried purchasing the book at Comixpress, feel free to stop by and pick up a copy of Bamn #1.

Alliance has two locations:

Alliance Comics and Games in Silver Spring, MD
8317 Fenton St
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 588-2546
Metro accessible. Take the Red line to Silver Spring station.

Alliance Comics and Games in Bowie, MD
6820 Hilltop Plaza
Bowie, MD 20715
(301) 352-4322

You can find out more about Alliance @

Penciled by JAY PAYNE
50/50 Cover for Issue #1 by JAY PAYNE

Nerds vs. Jocks; Bullies vs. Misfits; the Weak vs. the Strong. Everyone loves a good underdog story...SO LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! BAMN gets its title from the embittered main character. A surly and washed-up former pro wrestler, Bamn has spent the dying years of his career throwing up in bars. He lives out of his car and uses stolen credit cards to pay for beer. A chance encounter with a pair of local high schoolers, Art and Ian, brings him to the FWF, A backyard wrestling federation ran by the two young fans. When the school’s wrestling squad shows up to bully the kids, Bamn steps in. In a rare moment of clarity he promises all the teenagers that he’s going to teach them the most important thing they will ever learn…HOW TO FIGHT BACK AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT!
28PGS.(each)/Black & White/Parental Advisory …$3.50 (each)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sara and Mike go to Charlottesville

Sara Duke and I went to Charlottesville yesterday to see an exhibit, but we also stopped at a bunch of antique stores to exercise our comics-senses. So here's some of what I found:

100_7051 Opus 'n Bill On the Road Again screen saver 1

100_7052 Opus 'n Bill On the Road Again screen saver 2
Opus 'n Bill On the Road Again screen saver box covers. Unfortunately, I have no idea how one could view the animated segments now.

100_7053 Eat Right 01 Eat Right to Work and Win, a 1942 book using King Features Syndicate characters. "Contributed by Swift & Companyto America's All-Out Effort through the National Nutrition Program. Office of Defense Health and Welfare Services." To read the whole booklet, click here.

100_7049 Foxy Grandpa doorstop Foxy Grandpa doorstop by Carl 'Bunny' Schultze. This is the second Foxy Grandpa thing I've found around Charlottesville - the first was a bank of his head. Sara and I both think this was repainted, but that doesn't much matter to me.

100_7050 Ferd'nand 1957 bookWordless comic strip Ferd'nand 1957 collection.

100_7061 Sagendorf Davy Crockett gameBud Sagendorf's Davy Crockett game, done around the time he was doing Popeye. I love the fact that someone saved this out of the Sunday comics and mounted it. I'll probably make a color copy and play it with my daughter. If there's any interest, I can do a hi-res scan for you readers.

Seven plates from Merry Masterpieces Fine Porcelain plates, Dayton Hudson, 1999. Anybody know anything more about these? Is it a New Yorker artist? They look vaguely like Danny Shanahan to me.

I bought a few more books and some Puck lithographs too.

Acquisitions considered, but not made: Raymond Briggs' Snowman place setting, 4 pieces by Royal Doulton - $40; Wood bas relief carving of Charles Dana Gibson cartoon - ? (some non-buyer regret over not at least checking the price); Raymond Briggs' Snowman porcelain box by Royal Doulton - $18; James Thurber house 50th anniversary commemorative plate - $40;

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Local guys publish wrestling comic book

See "Comic book creators drawn together with a ‘Bamn': Trio launches their first comic through independent publisher," by Jeremy Arias, Gazette (January 28 2009). Jay Payne, 25, of Chevy Chase, David Dean, 25 of Silver Spring and Troy Allen, 28, of Hyattsville were photographed at Alliance Comics in Silver Spring, where I'll bet you can buy the comic book which is a "chronicle of a down-and-out professional wrestler who decides to mentor a group of high school backyard wrestlers."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

DC Anime Club cosplay in Silver Spring

Details at "Dressing in character is part of ‘Cosplay’ fun," by Aaron Kraut, Montgomery Gazette Wednesday, July 23, 2008. The Alliance Comics and Games store used to be one of Geppi's stores, way back in the early mists of the direct market.