Monday, April 23, 2012

Small Press Expo Spring Update and Guy Delisle Book Signing

SPX 2012 Spring Update and Guy

Delisle Book Signing

Hey, Happy Spring Everyone!!!

First, wanted to tell everyone about an SPX sponsored event this week.

Guy Delisle will be at P&P this Thursday, April 26 at 7:30PM

Here high above downtown Bethesda (Ok, ok, really the ground floor) in SPX palatial headquarters (jeez, too embarrassing to say my messy dining room...), we are big fans of Mr. Delisle's travelogue graphic novels and he will be at P&P to sign his newest one, Jerusalem.

And anyone who buys a copy of the book and gets it signed by Mr. Delisle will get a free one day pass to this years SPX!!

What a deal!!

So please come on out to see Guy and browse through the great graphic novel section at Politics & Prose, who are big supporters of SPX.

Now speaking of this years SPX, dunno if you heard be we have one of the most amazing lineups ever. In fact, I am so hyped up about it I can barely type out that we will have not only Chris Ware and Dan Clowes, but also Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez!!!

Yes indeed, The Fab Four of indie comics, all here at SPX!!!


Someone get me a defibrillator, had a heart attack reading what I just wrote.....

This will be the first time at SPX ever for multiple Ignatz Award winners Mr. Ware and Mr. Clowes. In fact, as best as anyone can figure, this will be the first time in the 21st Century that Chris and Dan will be together at the same festival in the U.S.

And for Los Bros Hernadez, this is the 30th Anniversary of Love and Rockets, with SPX being their ONLY East Coast festival appearance to celebrate this great anniversary.

Dunno how this all happened, but it did and no question no matter what happens, I will be there.

If I am sick, I will rent an ambulance to attend.

If I am dead, I need nothing more than to select either a zombie or vampire re-animation, and off to SPX I will go!!

Now, even MORE great news about this years show. We are expanding the exhibitor floor by 50% and adding 35 tables for more exhibitors. The new layout will include wider aisles for your walking comfort, all of this in the great ballroom facility we have at the Marriott Conference Center.

Pretty sweet, if ya ask me. (OK, OK, I am biased..).

We are not yet finished announcing guests or cool stuff that will happne at this years show, so stay tuned to this channel!!

C Ya,

P.S. Damn, almost forgot to say this years SPX is September 15 and 16, the same place across from the White Flint Metro stop. And for more info, check out our web site at

P.P.S. I love the banner up top that Margo Dabaie did for us....................

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