Thursday, April 05, 2007

The 'Return Ted Rall to the City Paper' campaign status

Well, they ran my letter in today's paper, but didn't put Rall back in.

Rall in This Together
Washington City Paper (April 6, 2007): 6

I'm a regular reader of the Washington City Paper, especially for your arts coverage and the comics. I'm sorry to see that you appear to have dropped Ted Rall who is one of the hardest-hitting editorial cartoonists around these days. Please reconsider this decision and bring him back - you could easily drop the two new strips, neither of which is competent nor interesting.

Mike Rhode
Arlington, VA

The bit about the two new strips was a bit harsh and I told them they could drop it when they wrote to me to confirm I was me, but obviously they decided to go with it. They did drop one of them in this week's redesign of the paper, but have kept Thingpart by Joe Sayers.

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