Wednesday, April 25, 2007

French and American Politics... In Cartoons!

This event was extremely well attended and overflowed the Alliance Francaise's living room (ok, it was the living room before the townhouse was converted). In addition to KAL, Nick Galifianakis, Ted Rall and Jeff Danziger (in seating order), Cameroon cartoonist Issa Nyaphaga was there. The moderator Claude Porsella, Correspondent for Radio France Internationale,* had some good questions, and each cartoonist took a shot at drawing a cartoon relevant to the French election. I'll try to read my notes and post something more extensive with pictures possibly in a couple of nights.

*corrected from earlier version.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, Mike. I was one of the panelists at last night's French gig and was wondering if the fella, Rick Banning, that brought your attention to the event, was also the same guy that showed me an interesting publication on illustration from the UK. I meant to get up with him again, but I kept getting pulled in a million directions.

Thanks for bringing attention to what turned out to be a fun evening.



Mike said...

Yes, that was him. And I was the guy sitting next to him in the front row. Rick always carries around his latest cartoon / illustration acquisition with him.

Loved the drawings you brought btw.

I'll post more info and pics soon I hope.