Wednesday, March 14, 2007

TOONS THAT KILL draws response from Canadian cartoonist


Steve Mielczarek sent me the cartoon to the left, but without any note attached beyond a "Comics DC" subject. When I queried him as to why, as this seemed to be a cartoon about the Danish Islam cartoon controversy, he replied:

I'm not sure. I read William Woodward Jr.'s story on your site.
I thought my cartoon was up the same alley, different topic.
I just thought I'd maybe inject some food for thought.
Here in Toronto it's "multicultural" this, and "multicultural" that.
"Multicultural", "Multicultural" all over the place.
One race is pretty much as good as another race, I guess.
I mean, Winston Churchill said it best:
"We are all worms."
But let me offer up one caveat.
I say: "We are all more like dogs."
like dogs, display different temperaments.
Here's the rub:
Multiculturalism is like going to the Humane
Society to adopt a dog.
The pit bulls are best kept away from the poodles
and chihauhuas, lest they eat them up alive.
Different dogs are trained differently, and
act accordingly...

I don't know. Maybe I'm mental.
"Oh look! Over there! It's Ann Coulter!"

I dream of being a cartoonist...
Feral Insight.

Thanks for writing in and sending the cartoon, Steve. We're ranging a bit afield beyond Washington, DC, but I appreciate it.

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