Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 3 - Tug of War exhibit

Glenn Dixon interviewed Annie Adjchavanich, curator of the exhibit Tug of War at the Hemphill Fine Arts gallery. The exhibit includes animators like Glen Barr (pictured above) who's worked on Ren & Stimpy and Gary Baseman, who's worked for Disney and may be most familiar as the artist for the game Cranium. The gallery is at 1515 14th St, NW. The exhibit opens on Saturday from 6:30-8:30, and there's a signing (of something - the article doesn't specify) on Sunday at 3-5 pm. It's open through April 7th and the phone number is 202-234-5601. The press release is here.

The article can be read at the Express website by clicking on 'download print edition' and selecting March 1, and then going to page E2, or the 'On the Spot' column.

Anybody want to meet at the booksigning?

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Mike Rhode said...

I just saw the exhibit, and bought books by Barr and SHAG. More details later, but you can buy the picture above for a cool $10K.