Saturday, February 03, 2007

Post on Zimbabwe newspaper editor threatened over cartoon

"Zimbabwe Paper Hits 'Big Nerve': Criticism of Military Pay Brings a Threat to Editor" by Craig Timberg, Washington Post Foreign Service, Friday, February 2, 2007; Page A10. I'm glad the Post picked this up - I have seen a couple of wire stories, but nothing else by a major newspaper. This is a good article about the dwindling press freedom in the country. The important points, quoting Timberg, are:

A single bullet and a threatening note arrived in a package delivered to one of Zimbabwe's last independent newspapers in what journalists said Thursday was the latest sign of the dangers to press freedoms in that country. ... The package, addressed simply to "editor," contained a cartoon from Sunday's paper mocking low pay in the military. According to Saidi, the handwritten note said: "Whats this editor? Watch your step."

And we can turn to Wikipedia for information on Zimbawe.

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