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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

May 5: Cinco de Sandra Press Release



MARCH 26, 2012



On May 5, 2012, an all-star lineup of DC and NYC storytellers will come together to blow your mind with live performances of poetry, comix, and stories at the Hillyer Art Space in Dupont Circle. Venues represented include Trip City, Act-i-vate, SpeakeasyDC, and Barrelhouse. And after that? We'll get the music spinning.


CINCO DE SANDRA's lineup of performers includes:



Dean Haspiel (Emmy winner for BORED TO DEATH title sequence, artist of THE ALCOHOLIC w/Jonathan Ames and THE QUITTER w/Harvey Pekar, creator of BILLY DOGMA)

Molly Lawless (cartoonist of HIT BY PITCH, FROG & OWL)

Jim Dougan (comics writer, SAM & LILAH, CRAZY PAPERS, others at ACTIVATEcomix) 

Jennifer Tress (DC-based storyteller, author of YOU'RE NOT PRETTY ENOUGH)

Natalie E. Illum (Spoken word poet, mothertongue organizer)

Tony Mancus (BARRELHOUSE contributor and co-editor of Flying Guillotine Press)


Plus, the whole shebang will be hosted by man-about-town Brandon Wetherbee (YOU, ME, THEM, EVERYBODY) and featuring the sweet sounds of DJ P-Vo (Hometown Sounds DC). We will have a merch table. We will have beer and non-beer. We will have a helluva lotta hijinks. And, in case you were wondering, we will have a birthday girl on hand: Sandra Beasley.


Be there, or be…

...Just be there.



Saturday, May 5 at 8 PM



Hillyer Art Space

9 Hillyer Ct NW

Washington, DC  20008

This space is down the alley from the Phillips Collection on 21st Street. Metro access from the Red Line, Dupont Circle Station (Q Street exit). Street parking is available but may be limited.


How Much:

$5 suggested donation (to help us recoup costs for the event space)


For more information on our performers:

Sandra Beasley (

Dean Haspiel (,

Molly Lawless (

Jim Dougan (

Jennifer Tress (

Natalie E. Illum (

Tony Mancus (

Brandon Wetherbee (

DJ P-Vo (


This event is hosted and coordinated by International Arts & Artists, LLC.  For more information about the venue and IA&A:

To get your name on the list and be ensured of seeing any event updates, visit our Facebook page at: and RSVP.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jim Dougan's "SAM & LILAH" webcomic updated

Jim DouganNovember 1, 2010 at 6:43pm
Subject: SAM & LILAH: The Conclusion of Chapter 3!
It's the conclusion of Chapter 3!;

In case you were wondering, it's right after this where the story from the ACT-I-VATE PRIMER takes place. What? You mean you haven't read the PRIMER? What are you waiting for? Pick up a copy at your local comic shop, or here:;

If you're a little behind, get caught up here:

Chapter 1:;

Chapter 2:;

Chapter 3:;

We'll be back later this month with the beginning of CHAPTER FOUR!!

In the meantime, here's where to go for all the OTHER great comix at ACT-I-VATE:;

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jim Dougan's "SAM & LILAH" webcomic updated

Subject: SAM & LILAH Updated Today!
We're getting close to the end of Chapter Three! Grab on tight!;

Need to catch up first? Start here:

Chapter 1:;

Chapter 2:;

Chapter 3:;

We'll be back with more in just two weeks! See you November 1!

In the meantime, here's where to go for all the OTHER great comix at ACT-I-VATE:;

If you haven't already, why not pick up a copy of the ACT-I-VATE PRIMER? We didn't win the Harvey Award, but being nominated still counts! Right?;

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sam and Lilah and Jim and Hyeondo at NY Comic Con

Jim Douganwrites in

Subject: SAM & LILAH at the New York Comic-Con! Original Art for Sale!
Hey everybody! This weekend (Friday, October 8 - Sunday October 10) is the New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Center (;, and in addition to many, many comic and pop culture luminaries, your humble SAM & LILAH creators, Hyeondo Park (; and Jim Dougan, will be in attendance! Hyeondo is sharing Table Q3 in Artists' Alley with his friend Jack Forbes (;, and selling all kinds of neat stuff, including his work on the manga adaptations of JULIUS CAESAR and HUCKLEBERRY FINN, and hopefully some copies of the ACT-I-VATE PRIMER and NO FORMULA.

But most important of all: for the first time, Hyeondo will be selling SAM & LILAH original art!!! All pages are for sale from $40 to $50, so come on down and take a look! You know you want to, but just in case, here's a taste of what's available (in this case, Chapter 3, page 1):;

The map below tells you where to go! See you in New York!;

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jim Dougan's "SAM & LILAH" webcomic updated

I spoke to Jim at SPX who says they're almost 1/2 through and the Act-I-Vate Primer story occurs next.

Jim Dougan
Jim DouganSeptember 13, 2010 says
Subject: SAM & LILAH Updated Today!
Here's two more pages from Chapter 3....;

Need to catch up first? Start here:

Chapter 1:;

Chapter 2:;

Chapter 3:;

We'll be back with more in just two weeks!
See you September 27!

In the meantime, here's where to go for all
the OTHER great comix at ACT-I-VATE:;

If you haven't already, why not pick up a copy
of the ACT-I-VATE PRIMER? We didn't win the
Harvey Award, but being nominated still counts!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

ACT-I-VATE at Politics and Prose pictures

ACT-I-VATE webcomics people at Politics & Prose, l-r Simon Fraser, Jim Dougan, Joe Infurnari, and Dean Haspiel. Further down, Jim and Joe switch seats...

100_9738 ACT-I-VATE

100_9739 ACT-I-VATE
(that's Jim's wife who read some of the parts in the comics)

100_9741 ACT-I-VATE

100_9740 ACT-I-VATE

100_9743 ACT-I-VATE

100_9742 ACT-I-VATE

100_9744 ACT-I-VATE

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Jim Dougan interview from Post last year

D.C. United Inspires Graphic Art By Dan Steinberg, Washington Post D.C. Sports blog June 3, 2009.

Ok, I'm a bit late with catching this, but you can still read the excellent Sam & Lilah strip at Act-i-vate. So check out the interview and then read the strip with added understanding (as I did. I had no idea who the DC United player was).

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 27: Act-i-vate at Politics and Prose

Politics & Prose Bookstore

The Act-I-Vate Primer
With contributors: Dean Haspiel, Jim Dougan, Simon Fraser and Joe Infurnari

Saturday, February 27, 6 p.m.

5015 Connecticut Avenue, NW • Washington, DC • (202) 364-1919

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Monday, May 18, 2009

Minicomic review - Sam and Lilah

Jim Dougan and Molly Lawless were at Fantom Comics for Free Comic Book Day and Jim passed along his ashcan Sam and Lilah. He wouldn't sell it to me, so I told him I'd review it and he passed it over. Jim's the writer and Hyeondo Park is the artist. The story is actually a webcomic on and this mini is the first chapter.

I liked it a lot. Jim's retelling a version of Samson and Delilah as a romantic comedy starts off sweetly. Park's manga-influenced art is excellent, with an interesting color palette. Both main characters are appealing, and their decision to try to date, in spite of... ok, it's a gypsy curse, but still... makes me want to read more. You can read both chapters online and Jim's says they're putting together a large-size collection so you can see the art better. The second chapter takes place during a DC United Soccer game at RFK Stadium here in DC too.

Another mini I picked up is How I Lost My S#?! at the Apple Store by Jim and Molly Lawless. I really liked this autobiographical comic about Jim's problems with installing an Airport Wireless Card in a Mac. You should be able to pick it up at For the record, after you read the story - I believe Jim was in the right and Apple should be ashamed.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Dougan and Lawless on SMITH Magazine and beyond

I'm poking around SMITH Magazines webcomics after being friended by Jeff Newelt and just ran across Next Door Neighbor: Return to Sender by Jim Dougan and Molly Lawless, seen earlier this evening in the Free Comic Book Day post.

And heck, at the end of the story, which is quite entertaining mind you, we can steal this biographical information to post here:

Jim Dougan is a comic writer hailing from the Hudson Valley hamlet of Millbrook, NY, and currently living in Washington, DC. His debut work in comics was the comedy graphic novella CRAZY PAPERS, drawn by Danielle Corsetto. Jim is a founding member of the comics collective The Chemistry Set, and the editor of the first ChemSet anthology collection NO FORMULA, available from Desperado Publishing. SAM & LILAH, his romance-adventure collaboration with Hyeondo Park, was featured in the March 2008 Zuda competition and has continued at ACT-I-VATE since May 2008.

Molly Lawless is a native Bostonian and current Arlington, VA-based comic artist, illustrator, wannabe-marathoner and deadball-era baseball enthusiast. Her first four mini-comics -- including the ongoing series "Great Moments in Baseball", "Rules of Romance", "My Health Regimen" and "The Turning of the Worm" have been collected in Infandum!...Ad Infinitum, now available via her website,

Deadball? Really?

Free Comic Book Day in Washington

The crowd at Big Planet Comics Bethesda.

FCBD seemed to be a success in the area. I went to three stores, along with my daughter, a neighbor, and his daughter.

Big Planet Comics Bethsda, with Lee screaming behind the counter (I guess someone started changing without using the phone booth).

We began with Big Planet Comics Bethesda which was as crowded as I'd ever seen it. Already by 11:30 they had run out of adult packs of comics, even though they only opened at 11. Many of the people coming in had children with them and appeared to be coming in solely due to FCBD.


Jim Dougan and Molly Lawless and their comics.

We next went to Fantom Comics in Tenleytown which had three cartoonists appearing - writer Jim Dougan (see his new strip on Act-I-Vate), Molly Lawless and Arvid "Rex Mundi" Nelson. Molly had 3 comics books for sale, 2 of which were minis. I bought a complete set (and one for Michigan State's Comic Art Collection). Jim had 4 comics, all of which I had already. You should buy them though, right Jim? Arvid Nelson had a stack of his 5 Rex Mundi collections so I bought one of each and hope to start reading them this week (along with the preview comic Jim gave me). I wasn't wearing my reporter hat, so all I can report is that Hollywood's interested in a Rex Mundi movie (duh) and he's happy with his publisher, Dark Horse. Actually I cut in front of a guy with dozens of comics he was having signed (with his permission) and then some other people were buying trades so I didn't linger at the table.

Unfortunately, Fantom is having a 50%-off moving sale so I also bought a stack of comics 3 feet high so... However, my friend Chris has already started on his stack of five AND has been able to tell a co-worker that he saw her spouse's favorite comic book writer while he had to stay home to try to sell his house - a ridiculous excuse (my wife has been harping on seeing Stan Lee when I didn't for over 20 years now).

Arvid Nelson and Rex Mundi.

We ended up checking in with Big Planet Comics Georgetown where they said they'd had steady foot traffic, although not as crazy as Bethesda. They still had a few packs of children's comics and gladly contributed one set for the Library of Congress (although Sara Duke may have gotten her own set in which case another library will get them).

Discerning consumers.

There are more pictures in this photo set on Flickr.

The band at Fantom Comics.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jim Dougan and Molly Lawless at Fantom Comics

Jim writes in self-deprecatingly,

I'm going to be at Fantom Comics in Tenleytown this Saturday from 12-6ish along with my occasional collaborator but more importantly fabulous cartoonist in her own right, the inimitable Molly Lawless! We're kind of a local opening act of sorts, because the "headliner" is REX MUNDI writer/creator Arvid Nelson!

More details here:

And a brief article from the Express that rightfullly focuses on REX MUNDI:

I'll have a laptop to show SAM & LILAH, copies of CRAZY PAPERS and NO FORMULA and maybe my controversial collaboration with Molly HOW I LOST MY S#?! AT THE APPLE STORE, Molly will have copies of INFANDUM...AD INFINITUM, I'm sure Fantom will have a ton of REX MUNDI, and we'll all have a good time!

I plan on being there. I've already got Jim's books (somewhere in a pile, sigh...) and perhaps Molly's, but I'll buy the Rex Mundi books which Arion Berger in the Express liked quite a bit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct 20: Chemistry Set's No Formula release party

In from Jim Dougan:


October 14, 2008


October marks the release of NO FORMULA, an anthology collection of 12 short stories from the international comics collective The Chemistry Set through Desperado Publishing. Join the creators in celebrating at events next week in Washington, DC and New York!


October 20, 2008 from 6pm until…?

Science Club
1136 19th Street NW (between L and M streets)
Washington, DC 20036

Join editor and contributor Jim Dougan (and maybe other suprise guests) in celebrating the release of NO FORMULA! Copies of the book will be available for purchase. Oh, and stick around - a DJ will be spinning from 8:30pm, and happy hour drink specials are available all night!


Wednesday, October 22nd, from 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Jim Hanley's Universe
4 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001

The Chemistry Set will be out in force to celebrate the release of NO FORMULA. Books will be available for sale, and contributors appearing include: Vito Delsante, Jim Dougan, Elizabeth Genco, Michel Fiffe, Rami Efal, and Kevin Colden.


About NO FORMULA: Haunting. Humorous. Harrowing. Those are just some of the words to describe the short stories compiled in this inaugural collection from the international comics collective the Chemistry Set. Founded in 2006, the Chemistry Set has served as the breeding ground for tomorrow's comic all-stars and includes three Xeric Award winners. Combining talents from America, Australia, Europe and Asia, their chemistry together is seen in stories that range from the heartfelt to the horrifying, from the mythological to the macabre.
Color / B&W, 120 pp. 6in x. 9in.
Price: $16.99
ISBN-10: 1935002090
ISBN-13: 978-1935002093

For more on The Chemistry Set:

For more on Desperado Publishing:

Monday, September 08, 2008

OT: Langridge in Act-i-vate webcomix

Jim Dougan wrote in today: You may have seen this already, but as a fellow Langridge fan, and the local DC representative of webcomix collective ACT-I-VATE, you might want to know that he's joined up and will be dazzling us all with the new adventures of MUGWHUMP THE GREAT:

Roger talks about it at his blog here:

Thanks for the tip, Jim! Sure, Roger's from New Zealand and lives in England, but DC's a state of mind, right? Unfortunately he won't be at SPX this year since he did HeroesCon earlier this year.

Monday, August 25, 2008

cIndy podcast news

Chris wrote in with some updates to his interview podcast site that I quote verbatim (to get to some of these, click the rotating images on the site):

1. presents: Butterfly's Convention Adventure... you can see the promo picture in the right rail of the site. The picture is from Jason Rodriguez's Coast-to-Coast report. On Jason's road trip he met-up with Butterfly.

Dean's photo essay of the SDCC is coming soon, IT IS GOING TO ROCK :-) It will be similar to the Roger Rabbit inspired MOCCA report he did last year.

2. I had an interview with local guy and Crazy Paper, Zuda and Chemistry Set writer Jim Dougan. He worked on's NO FORMULA: STORIES FROM THE CHEMISTRY SET VOL. 1 Color / B&W, 120 pp. 6in x. 9in. Price: $16.99.

3. We have redesigned the site to better highlight the guests. You can see the coverflow is very similar to the latest version of itunes.

4. The Podcast is proud to sponsor Dean Trippe's Butterfly SDCC adventure, please check-out Part 1 of the SDCC adventure @
About the Dean Trippe - Dean Trippe is an alien robot ninja wizard (from the future). He is also a freelance comics creator who lives with his wife and son outside Nashville, TN. Dean is best known for his superhero parody webcomic, Butterfly, and as the founder and editor of Project: Rooftop. He is also a member of the all-ages webcomics collective Lunchbox Funnies. His publishers include Ad House Books, Image Comics, New Reliable Press and Oni Press. He is a former comic shop manager, a lifelong superhero fan, and has an actual degree in comics.