Monday, August 25, 2008

cIndy podcast news

Chris wrote in with some updates to his interview podcast site that I quote verbatim (to get to some of these, click the rotating images on the site):

1. presents: Butterfly's Convention Adventure... you can see the promo picture in the right rail of the site. The picture is from Jason Rodriguez's Coast-to-Coast report. On Jason's road trip he met-up with Butterfly.

Dean's photo essay of the SDCC is coming soon, IT IS GOING TO ROCK :-) It will be similar to the Roger Rabbit inspired MOCCA report he did last year.

2. I had an interview with local guy and Crazy Paper, Zuda and Chemistry Set writer Jim Dougan. He worked on's NO FORMULA: STORIES FROM THE CHEMISTRY SET VOL. 1 Color / B&W, 120 pp. 6in x. 9in. Price: $16.99.

3. We have redesigned the site to better highlight the guests. You can see the coverflow is very similar to the latest version of itunes.

4. The Podcast is proud to sponsor Dean Trippe's Butterfly SDCC adventure, please check-out Part 1 of the SDCC adventure @
About the Dean Trippe - Dean Trippe is an alien robot ninja wizard (from the future). He is also a freelance comics creator who lives with his wife and son outside Nashville, TN. Dean is best known for his superhero parody webcomic, Butterfly, and as the founder and editor of Project: Rooftop. He is also a member of the all-ages webcomics collective Lunchbox Funnies. His publishers include Ad House Books, Image Comics, New Reliable Press and Oni Press. He is a former comic shop manager, a lifelong superhero fan, and has an actual degree in comics.

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