Thursday, March 26, 2015

'Comic Debrief' in this week's City Paper

Tim Regan continues to muscle me aside* and has one of those infographics in the current City Paper (March 27,  p. 33) in which he recommends webcomics or zines from Team KK**, Rafer Roberts, Andrew Cohen, Robin Ha, Holli Mintzer***, Cole Goco, Liz & Jimmy Reed, Pierce McLain****, Evan Keeling and Carolyn Belefski. I haven't found it online yet though.

On the positive side, we're batting 66% with interviews either here or at the City Paper.

*as Foghorn Leghorn used to say, "That's a joke, son."

**Can be found at

***Can be found at

****CORRECTION, April 1, 2015: I wrote "Doesn't appear to do comics." Tim Regan tells me, "His mini comic, Hug It Out, is available for sale at Fantom." I'll buy a copy the next time I'm at Dupont Circle and you should too.

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