Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Team Cul de Sac TONIGHT at Politics and Prose

Tonight at 7 pm in Washington DC's Politics and Prose, we'll have a gaggle of cartoonists from the book. The list includes:
Thompson, Richard                        

Sparks, Chris                                     

Artley, Steven                                                                                  

Auger, Michael                                                                                

Belefski, Carolyn                             

Cavna, Michael               
Corsetto, Danielle                 
Dale, Barbara 
Dunlap-Shohl, Peter                   

Galifianakis, Nick

Gallant, Shannon

Johnson, Kerry G.    
King, Jamie                       

Lewis, Donna A.               

Lunsford, Annie                               

Mitchell, Bono

Sutliff, Joe                          

Wuerker, Matt

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