Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another logo donated to us today!

MJ, whose cartoons are syndicated through Newsblaze Publications across the United States and is currently an editorial cartoonist for the National Free Press (Canada), kindly sent in his version of David Hagen's logo today, noting "Just got bored drawing editoons, thought I would do something for a blog I read often. Enjoy." He also notes his cartoons are also carried by Newropeans Magazine (Paris,France) and that he also started cartooning in 2009 for The Nashville Free Press. His cartoons also appear at his Tooned In blog for The National Free Press.

Thanks! I really appreciate it.

MJ is a member of the The International Cartoonist Conspiracy which produced Big Funny, the exhibit and newspaper that I still have to run a review for. [corrected 8/10/09]


Unknown said...

I was wondering why some readers were flooding the inbox asking which strips of mine were in The BIG FUNNY. I tried to correct the trailing sentence in the much appreciated mention. I unfortunately did not participate in The BIG FUNNY, I am a proud member in good standing with The International Cartoonist Conspiracy though. But that shouldn't stop you from grabbing a copy before they are all gone.

Mike Rhode said...

I just fixed the sentence now - my apologies for reading your online bio too quickly.