Saturday, August 22, 2009

ACT-I-VATE Primer Coming in October from IDW

Jim Dougan writes in to pass along some information about his strip's print appearance:

Have you heard about the ACT-I-VATE Primer?  It's a hardcover collection of stories from the A-I-V creators (including Dean Haspiel, Nick Bertozzi, Roger Langridge, Molly Crabapple, Simon Fraser, Tim Hamilton, etc. etc.) coming in October from IDW.  Hyeondo Park and I have a new SAM & LILAH story in there, and all of the stories in the book are exclusive (that is, they don't appear on the website). It will make its official debut at the Baltimore Comicon, and will be in stores either immediately before the show or immediately thereafter (depending on Diamond's shipping schedule).  Oh, and it's got an introduction by Warren Ellis.

The Diamond code is AUG090968.

You can see a preview of the book, which includes the covers and one page from each story, here:

This is the official IDW announcement:

And here are various articles/interviews with Dean (who edited the book) and various other contributors:

Dean Haspiel on the ACT-I-VATE Primer at CBR:

LA Times: Dean Haspiel and Billy Dogma's broken heart

CBR: ACT-I-VATE Artists on IDW's "Primer"

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