Friday, August 07, 2009

Superheros and Alter Egos talk at Renwick Gallery

Friday, August 7

Superheros and Alter Egos

Mark Newport, one of the artists whose work is featured in Staged Stories: Renwick Craft Invitational 2009, shares his approach to knitting oversized superhero costumes that mix adolescent male subject matter with craft techniques usually associated with women.

Program held at the museum's Renwick Gallery on Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th Street NW


Dumpster Diner said...

Gah! Why can't you ever post this stuff ahead of time...instead of like "the" day of? *sigh*

Mike Rhode said...

Umm. I do. I posted about this originally on July 20th -

You can see what's coming up on the main page, over on the right, by clicking on the Upcoming Events link.

Mike Rhode said...

And July 30th -