Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DC-based artist has new comic book out

Josh Eiserike wrote in today to mention his new comic. He said, I'm from DC (lived here most of my life). My best friend Mitch (also from DC, but he lives in Baltimore now) and I have a new book out and was wondering if you'd be interested in some kind of coverage.

The book is called "Assholes." We just got the second issue-- it's self-published, kind of a Wedding Crashers / Clerks-inappropriate-humor book. You can read the first issue and part of the second issue here, on my Web site. We'll have it at SPX, of course (stop by and say hi!).

A little about me: I'm the artist on Assholes, but I also write my own comics, including "Class of 99" (which I also drew) and "Anyone But Virginia" (which I only wrote). I do freelance writing for MAD Magazine, amongst other things.

Josh has a nice, webcomic type style that I assume he's doing on a computer. I'll be checking out his work online and at SPX and encourage you all to support our local cartoonists. And inappropriate humor, of course.

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